Sunday, June 4, 2023

Tupperware sends kits to the Mexican artistic swimming team

The Mexican artistic swimming team He returned to training after his historic participation in the world Cup which was held in Egypt, where they obtained four medals: 3 gold and 1 bronze. Now, they received a kit from the company tupperware who had already expressed interest in supporting the athletes.

“We got a little gift,” he wrote Samantha Rodriguezmember of the Selection, in his “stories” of instagram. In the image shared by the athlete, bags with the brand of tupperware and all with a message.

Tupperware sent a kit to the Swim Team.

“Just as you have fought until your goal came true: to win the gold! Our sales force also strives to achieve your goals. We thank you for raising the name of Mexico. Just like you believed and you achieved it tupperware He does it by giving the opportunity and supporting #MexicanasIncreíbles”, the publication reads.

Just said image of samantha he reposted it tupperware with a strong message to support the Mexican artistic swimming team.

“Welcome to the team. This is just the beginning of a great story together,” the company said.

After the lack of economic support for aquatic disciplines, the members of the Mexican artistic swimming team they started the sale of swimsuits.

being questioned Ana Guevaradirector of the conadeOn this fact, he declared: “For me, let them sell panties, bathing suits, Avon or Tupperware.”

AND Jessica Nephewa member of the National Team, commented in an interview with Publimetro that “If Avon and tupperware they want to join, we will be very happy”.

So, after said statement, both companies have expressed their interest in supporting Mexican athletes.


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