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Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkaar Review: After the second half, the emotions of the story changed, the situation changed.

Mickey (Ranbir Kapu) from a business class family in South Delhi runs a side business of breaking up couples with his friend Dabas (Anubhav Singh Bassi). Meanwhile, Mickey meets Tinni (Shraddha Kapoor) at Dabas’s bachelor party. Attracted to each other, Mickey and Tinni begin their relationship considering it as timepass. When love happens and how the matter reaches to marriage, both are not able to realize it. Mickey’s Modern Family also accepts Tinny. Twist comes in a normal running story when Tinni decides to break this relationship. Why does the last Tinni take this decision? Can the two ever be together? After all, who is a liar and who is a liar in this story? Head to the theater to know the answer.

Luv Ranjan’s films have a different flavour. His films have often touched the heartstrings of the youth. Be it the heart-wrenching monologues of a boyfriend upset with his girlfriend or the dilemma of choosing between friendship and love, the youth has always felt very connected to love stories. Titled Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar, this film also addresses some of the issues of the youth. On the one hand, while the boys remain like a pendulum between the girlfriend and the family, on the other hand, Love has painted the film in a new color by keeping a modern approach on the issues like the girls’ desire for an independent life and the life stuck between the joint family.

The disparity is clearly visible in the first half of the film. In the first part, there is a tremendous stretch of the story. Seeing many unnecessary scenes and dialogues, the mind feels bored. There is a lack of editing here. The timeframe could have been reduced by crisping the story. However, the way the film which was boring after the interval has taken a U-turn is commendable. During the second half, the film takes you on an emotional ride. Where the right dose of every emotion related to family values, romance, friendship is seen. The one liners of the film are his life. Along with this, there is an entry of two such actors, who definitely brings a smile on the face when seen on the screen. Overall the film is a family entertainer with all the elements that will appeal to the mass audience.

technical and music
The technical side of the film is its strong side. Ayanka Bose and Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran’s cinematography was class. Be it Gurgaon or Spain, every location in his frame looks exotic and grand. It is a treat to watch the film on the silver screen. Hitesh Sonik’s background score was in perfect harmony with the emotion of the film. The variation of music on every emotion has given life to its scenes. At the same time, Pritam’s songs have rocked the chart buster even before its release. Especially songs like Tere Pyaar Mein, Kabhi Baar Pyaar Hota Hai, O Bedardi will soon be included in people’s play lists. The carelessness of Akiv Ali and Chetan Solanki is clearly visible in editing. If some scenes of the first half were edited and crisped, then perhaps the film would have looked even better.

Ranbir Kapoor is returning to the romantic comedy genre after a long time after romantic films like Bachna Ae Haseeno, Tamasha, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Ranbir, who is well versed in this genre of his, has played in this role. During the film, he has completely retained the graph of his emotion. Shraddha has returned to the silver screen after almost 3 years. Shraddha, who looked glamorous in the film, looks a bit uncomfortable at some places. Bassi, who became Ranbir’s friend, has hit a four in his debut. His presence brings freshness. Dimple Kapadia has lived her character as a mother. Boney Kapoor is quite comfortable in the role of a typical dad. Boney reminds everyone of that daddy in Delhi, with whom everyone can relate. Verma’s character as a niece has caught everyone’s attention, albeit for a short period of time. The casting of the film can be its strong side.

Why watch?
Every element that a cinema lover looks for is present in the film. You will get to see romance, comedy, family drama, friendship every juice in this film. It is a treat for the fans of Ranbir Kapoor that after a long time he has returned to the romcom genre. At the same time, fans will not be disappointed to see Shraddha Kapoor on the silver screen after a long time. Along with the love story, the tadke of family emotion has added to the charm of the film. The fresh pairing of Shraddha and Ranbir is also a hook factor. The film is entertaining, claims that you will spend the last thirty minutes of the second half laughing. The film definitely gets a chance.


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