Saturday, December 2, 2023

Trops Málaga draws from their visit to Pontevedra (20-20)

Trops Málaga signed a draw this Saturday at the Municipal de Pontevedra during their confrontation against Club Cisne Los Sauces, a team recently relegated from Asobal. The duel ended with the result of 20-20, in a balanced match and with many inaccuracies in attack, perhaps due to the desire for victory of both teams. On the other hand, although the victory was necessary, this score can be considered good, given what we have seen, since, with this tie, the team from the Costa del Sol puts an end to its negative streak and moves up one place in the standings. by placing eighth, with seven points, two away from the promotion phase spots.

The first half was very even and with few goals, with the defenses prevailing over the attacks. However, Trops showed a different attitude in this period compared to their previous matches. Although it took a while, this disposition was reflected, of course, on the scoreboard, since Quino Soler’s men managed to open a two-goal gap (6-8) at minute 20:00.

From that moment on, the Costa del Sol team took control of the game and the result, even having a three-goal lead (7-10) at minute 23:42. Trops exuded confidence on the court, they looked comfortable and superior to their opponent, showing an aggressive and determined attitude in the 40×20, while Cisne looked a little nervous and made mistakes in the positional attack and in the throws. On the other hand, with just over two minutes left in the first half, when it seemed that the Malacitanos would go to the locker room winning by three, Trops player David Soriano suffered an exclusion, which was well taken advantage of by the team. Pontevedra, who was able to shorten the distance through Javier Vázquez, after scoring a last goal in the first act, which left the score at 8-10 at halftime.

Once the match resumed, Club Cisne tried to reverse the situation. The locals solved the offensive problems, offering greater mobility. This good start to the second period led to the Galician comeback, which, at 8:43, took the lead (13-12) for the first time in the game.

Center back Consuegra scored a great fly ball goal after Alberto Castro’s masterful pass, tying the score a minute later. And again Consuegra, at 11:24, put Trops ahead again (13-14), but equality had been established again and exchanges of blows continued. The young Malaga goalkeeper Adrián Calvo, with a record in the Second National reserve team, made his debut in the league with a great save at 16:24 when his team lost 17-16, although he could not prevent the goal from Andre De Moura (18- 16) at 17:40.

Center back Diego Pérez took to the court to give his team more bite. A dry shot from the Valladolid native of Trops adjusted the score (18-17) with nine minutes remaining. And Javi García, from seven meters, equalized with four minutes left before the horn sounded.

Equality was maximum. In a draw (20-20) the last minute of the game was reached. Trops, with the ball in their possession, had the opportunity to tip the balance, but Diego Pérez concluded the play on the ground near the Pontevedra area, giving Cisne the chance to settle the duel, although, fortunately, the shot of Furtado, after Portela’s foul, was intercepted by the Malaga barrier, so the end was reached with the score 20-20 and a fair distribution of points that did not serve either team’s interests in climbing positions.

The next appointment for Trops, which cannot fail, will be next Saturday, in the Los Olivos school pavilion (6:30 p.m.), before the Augustinians of Alicante.


20. Swan Club: Bruno Vázquez, Javier Vázquez (3), Arboleya, Calvo, Rodríguez (p.), Pombo (2), López (1), De Moura (2), Ocaña. Serrano (2), Etayo, Arias (1), Furtado (7), Conde, Delgado (2) and Bengivenga (p.).

20. Trops Malaga: Arca, Karlov, Consuegra (4), Pablo Soler (1), Luis Castro, Villarreal (p.), Petter (2), Portela, Javi García (2), Manu Díaz (3), Paya (1), Soriano, Diego Pérez (5), Alberto Castro (2) and Adrián Calvo (p.).

Partials: 1-1, 3-3, 5-5, 6-7, 7-10, 8-10 (first half), 10-11, 13-13, 16-16, 18-16, 19-18, 20- 20 (end).

Referees: Óscar García Camino and Alfredo Arcos Adeva, from the Territorial Federation of Madrid. Del Cisne, they excluded Bruno Vázquez. From Trops, they excluded Petter (2), Soriano and Javi García.

Incidents: Match of the eighth day in the Silver Honor Division, played at the Municipal de Pontevedra in front of about 500 spectators.


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