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Trops continues without knowing the victory after drawing against Agustinos (24-24)

Hard outcome. Trops Málaga had to settle for a draw at home (24-24) after the penalty goal by Agustinos de Alicante player Javi Carrión, with eight seconds remaining. A result that does not leave the Malaga team happy, since He needs to score two by two once and for all if he wants to get into promotion phase positions. at the end of the season. However, the nerves and the concern to carry out the matches are taking their toll in the last matches of the Costa Soleños who, at the beginning of the league, began to compete with the title of favorites to fight for promotion.

In fact, the game started with many inaccuracies in attack, not only on the part of the Malacitanos, but also of the Alicante, who also arrived in Malaga with the need to score. And it was difficult for both Trops and Agustinos to break the defensive wall. Failures in the opposite field caused by nerves followed one another. Proof of this is that at minute 06.19, the result was only 1-2 for the Alicante team. Javi García, in a classic pivot, scored the goal for the Malacita team, which began losing 0-2.

Quino Soler’s pupils equaled the goal (3-3) on 09.28 and from here on, equality was established. With an exchange of blows the minutes passed. The Argentine goalkeeper Villarreal was becoming the player of the match with his saves. The Malaga team needed to calm down their game and measure the plays well so as not to rush, but the desire to win was condemning them.

The match was being blocked, with the defenses imposing themselves on the attacks, and could fall to either side, although Agustinos Alicante managed to get an advantage of two goals (7-9) at 25.00. At that moment, the Malaga coach Quino Soler requested a time-out and ranted giving instructions to his team, because he did not like what he was seeing. The blue and white team needed to improve to go into the break with a more even result, but when the game resumed, the Alicante team scored one more goal (7-10) on 09/27, the highest income of the party.

With one minute left, Agustinos de Alicante’s advantage remained the same (8-11) to the astonishment of the fans. And although Trops was able to reduce the distance a few seconds before the conclusion of the first act, Chilean winger Mati Paya was ultimately unable to score the goal that would have served to return to the field more calmly.

Back at 40×20, the Trops took to the track more energized. Quino Soler’s talk in the locker room had an effect in the first stages of the game. So, from 9-11 at the end of the first period it went to 11-12 at minute 35.00. But the Alicante team, which printed speed in each of the attacking actions, was sweet and opened the gap to three again.

After this visitor’s push, Trops put on their overalls and went for the game. In a few dizzying minutes, not devoid of emotion, the people of Malaga put all the meat on the grill until tie the duel (18-18) at 2:30 p.m. During this time of blue and white momentum, young winger Pablo Soler provided the attacking effectiveness that his team had lacked.

With the score of 20-20 the last ten minutes of the game were reached. Arca, from the center, made it 23-22 at 26.50. David Quiles tied it (23-23) at 29.08 and 36 seconds later, Consuegra scored a great goal from a mid-range shot through the center. It was minute 29.44. However, when it seemed that Trops would take the shock, The Agustinos Carrión player threw from seven meters to make it 24-24.

The next event for Trops is next Saturday, at 8:00 p.m., on the Zamora field, the red lantern of the category.


24. Trops Malaga: Villarreal (p.), Portela, Soriano, Alberto Castro, Pablo Soler (5), Manu Díaz, Karlov (6) – starting seven –, Arca (1), Consuegra (4), Luis Castro, Petter (1), Javi García (5), Paya, Soriano, Diego Pérez (2) and Adrián Calvo (p.).

24. Augustinians Alicante: Guiteras (p.), González (3), Cerrotta (4), David García (2), Laredo (5), Carrión (5), Quiles (4) –starting seven–, Torres (p.), Corning, Rodrigo (1), Sergio Martínez, Pablo Martínez, Linares, Ponce, Carlos Martín and Calderón.

Partials: 0-1, 3-3, 5-4, 6-6, 7-9, 9-11 (rest), 11-12, 14-16, 18-18, 20-20, 22-22, 24-24 (final).

Referees: Mauro Antonio Montero Suárez (Madrid) and Jon Cid Mateos (Basque Country). From Trops, they excluded Portela, Soriano (2) and Alberto Castro. From the Agustinos, they excluded Calderón (3), Ponce and Cerrotta.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 9 in the Silver Honor Division, played in the Fray Francisco Baños pavilion of the Los Olivos School in Málaga in front of about 300 spectators.


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