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Travel with Google Maps by adding several stops to your route

a trip can become an odyssey if we do not leave home well prepared. There are those who like to improvise, but it has its risks. especially if you will spend several hours on the road and that’s it have you booked a table in the restaurant and room in the hotel. Any unforeseen event can be disastrous. So the best is plan a trip in advance with several stops.

The normal thing is to go from point A to point B. There Google Maps makes it easy for you. Tell it where you are, although sometimes the application itself already has you located on the map. And then indicate the location of your destination. You will instantly see the kilometers to travel, the time spent, which routes you can choose, if there are establishments of interest during the trip, etc. But what if you want to do a trip with several stops?

So you will have the opportunity to enjoy your journey more and the place you visit making small stops to eat, visit a museum or area of ​​interest. And, at the end of the day, you will arrive at your destination, where you will sleep peacefully and more peacefully because everything was well organized. Not only that. Configuring in Google Maps a trip with several stops, already you will not have to make changes during the journey.

Create a route on Google Maps

Let’s start with the basics. We are going on an excursion and we want have it ready before you go out through the door of the house. To help us we will have the collaboration of Google Maps. You can install it on your Android or on your iPhone, if you haven’t already. Among the many features of this map app, we can ask it to guide us from one location to another.

Asking it to find us a route to our destination is as simple as click on the search box and enter the name of the place you want to go to. It can be a town, a place of interest or, if you know the address, indicate it directly. Choose the result you were looking for and, when you click on How to getthe routes available from your location to the destination. By default, it will be a trip with a single destination. But then we will see how to prepare a trip with several stops.

You can change the location, if it is not exact, and choose different ways to move. By car, on foot, by public transport… The results and routes will change to suit your method of travel. This time, we will go by car.

When you’re hands on the wheel, all you have to do is click on the start button so that Google Maps will give you directions. But, before, you can review the trip by clicking on Steps. It is worth remembering that if you drive, you should place your phone in a apply approved or connect it to your vehicle if you already have an integrated screen. And remember that Google Maps can tell you if there are speed cameras during your road trip.

Add stops to your trip

By default, the routes that Google Maps creates are made up of steps. Turn this way, turn that way, head to this highway or road, take that exit, etc. But we are going to enrich the journey creating a trip with several stops. For example, for refuel and stretch your legsto eat something visit something of interest On the way between your house and your place of destination, to see a friend or family member… There are many possibilities.

At the top of the Google Maps screen, the start and end locations of the trip appear. For add stops You will have to click on the icon three dots to the right of the starting location and choose the option add stop. By default, the new stop is added after the destination, but if you long press the new stop, you will be able to move it and order the locations.

With Google Maps you can organize a trip with several stops instantly

Add the stops you want, arrange them however you like, within a logical order by location on the map, and then assign that location to it. Can directly enter the name or address or mark it on the map. Or ask Google Maps for help and search for places of interest such as restaurants, gas stations, etc. And, when finished, click on Made. You already have your trip configured with several stops.

On the Google Maps screen with the directions for the trip, you will see that possible routes and time and distance indicators have been updated, incorporating the stops. The new stops may have changed the route and you may have to deviate at some point. Or, simply, that the time spent is more. to what you will have to Mentally add the time you are going to spend at those stops.

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