Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tourism and construction businessman Fernando Hazoury appreciated the “hard work of the government under constant international crisis”

The tourism and construction businessman Fernando Hazoury positively appreciated the focus, effort and hard work that the central government and its president Luis Abinader have carried out during these two and a half years of management, which has been carried out in the midst of the overlapping crises after covid-19 and Russia’s war with Ukraine, which have economically destabilized the world by increasing the prices of the most important products.

He stressed that the Government has been able to maintain macroeconomic stability in the country, generating confidence in national and international investors from all sectors, who have increased large capital investments supported by the legal certainty that the Dominican Republic has for development. of your projects.

He pointed out that this is reflected in tourism investments, which began the year announcing more than US$3.4 million for this 2023, and that in 2022 it had a closure for more than US$1,000 million of investment in hotel projects, tourism real estate and other areas. complementary to this industry, impacting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 16%.

“Likewise, other sectors such as agriculture, as well as industries in general, have benefited, highlighting within them the free zones, local manufacturing and construction, among others,” he added.

He highlighted that at the end of 2022 the GDP had a growth of almost 5% and the ratio of consolidated debt to GDP improved by almost 52%.

Likewise, the employment of workers increased, the informal sector decreased, the unemployment rate contracted by little more than 3 percentage points and inflation fell by almost 200 basic points; foreign currency income, exports and foreign investment increased. In addition, historical figures were reached in international reserves.

“This indicates that our president has made and continues to make the greatest effort to keep all the pillars of the economy stable, thus generating greater confidence before international observatories about our ability to continue growing in all aspects that we as Dominicans propose. The broad collaboration in public-private alliances have undoubtedly been an important starting point for taking these new measures that have favored our economy in each sector involved”, concluded Hazoury.


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