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Tough defeat for UMA Antequera against Movistar

BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera tried everything in their fifth match of the season with Movistar Inter FS. He lacked success in front of goal to have demanded more from his opponent. He found himself behind with goals from Fits and Rubi and the attack with the goalkeeper-player was the best solution to reach the break with a 2-1 lead thanks to a goal from Burrito. In the second half, José Antonio Borrego ‘Tete”s pupils showed personality. Miguel had a crossbar to tie and, later, the azulón squad accelerated and sentenced with a too bulky score (6-1).

A tough battle awaited the team from Antequera on their visit to Torrejón de Ardoz. Very good attitude, placement on the track and delivery in each action. Pope was the first to demand a great save from Jesús García. The ‘4’ launched at medium height and the goalkeeper placed a firm hand. In a second attempt, Daniel Fernández ran into the body of a defender. The Madrid closing tried to surprise with his powerful foreign pitch. He looked for the goal and it did not arrive.

As the minutes passed, José Luis Mena ‘Pato”s formation had its moment of mastery of possession and generated chances. Chispi, halfway through the first half, beat Sepe in a one-on-one. On the other side, Jesús García made a providential stretch on a cross shot from Pope. From the possible 0-1 it went to 1-0, the work of Fits. The Brazilian center completed an assist from Raúl Gómez with pleasure. Alvarito sought to anticipate without success to recover the ball and a situation of superiority was generated that ended in the first target.

The fouls became another handicap to take into account. The university warriors reached the regulation five with a stretch to play before heading to the changing room tunnel. Rubi made it 2-0 and forced Tete to call a timeout. The coach from Malaga decided to use the attack of five and it worked for him. David Velasco found a passing lane and served Burrito 2-1 on a layup. The return to 40×20 was faced with a great competitive attitude and Miguel had it in his boots to get the tie.

The only thing missing was efficiency and precision in finishing the green cast. Something that Movistar Inter did exhibit. Dani Ramos looked for Pope inside the area who connected a deflected shot. Cecilio had better fortune and signed, in minute 27, 3-1. There was no room for reaction, as Drahovsky made it 4-1 on the counterattack. The opportunity to fight for points on a very complicated field has already become very uphill. The Slovak center remarked his seal in the game with a magnificent shot to the squad (5-1). The clash was so uphill that Tete called Pablo Blanco and the boy from the subsidiary was able to debut in the highest category of national futsal.

UMA Antequera suffered a heavy defeat against Movistar Inter. The opinion

In the final stretch, Davilillo came out onto the track wearing the goalkeeper-player shirt and Miguel tried to beat the goalkeeper with one of his powerful right-hand shots. The second target did not come in this situation of the game either and Eric Martel closed the final result with 6-1. The three points remained in the Jorge Garbajosa Pavilion in Torrejón de Ardoz and BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera left with too large a deficit.

The Malaga team must leave behind what happened and maintain their line of work facing the exciting goal of achieving permanence in the 1st Division. There are many clubs involved and, in any commitment of those that still remain, the points acquire a capital importance to maintain a distance with the relegation places. Next Saturday, March 18, at 6:00 p.m., the leader of the competition, Barça, will visit the Fernando Argüelles Pavilion on the 23rd date of the calendar.


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