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Total renewal of the AirPods in 2024: these are the new models that will arrive

This year, the only new feature regarding AirPods so far has been the update of the second generation Pro model with a USB-C port, and it seems that this will continue to be the case. Apple, in fact, It will not renew its entire line of headphones until 2024. At least that’s what Mark Gurman of Bloombergin their latest weekly news bulletin.

The journalist, specifically, has detailed that the company plans to renew some of its headphones at the end of 2024, perhaps, during the presentation event of the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro. He hopes that Apple will announce some Fourth generation AirPods with a renewed design for a better in-ear fit, as well as with an updated case. The fourth-generation AirPods could also include audio improvements. Of course, they will arrive with a USB-C port.

Gurman also states that The fourth generation AirPods will arrive with a more “sophisticated” version, which will include active noise cancellation —Remember that this function is only exclusive for AirPods Pro and Pro Max. This variant for the company’s basic headphones would also include a case similar to that of the Pro models; with a speaker to make sounds through Find My so you can find them in case of loss and a hole to include a strap.

AirPods Max 2 will arrive in 2024

At the end of 2024, Apple also plans to update the AirPods Max with a second generation which will arrive with new colors and USB-C port. It will be the first time that the company has updated this product since 2020. It is not clear if the AirPods Max will arrive with the H2 chip that Apple includes in the second generation Pro models, and that allows some additional functions to be enabled. Among them, adaptive audio or the possibility of summoning Siri just by saying her name.

And speaking of the AirPods Pro, The third generation models will not arrive until 2025, according to Gurman. They will do it with a new design and an updated chip. Therefore, it is very likely that these models will include new features and better autonomy, although there is no information about this yet.

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