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Tooth Pari Review: No thrill in Vampire Love Story, weak story will bore

For those who watch fantasy drama, a new web series ‘Toothpari’ has come. Shantanu Maheshwari and Tanya Manaktala are in the lead roles in this series showing a love story between a vampire and a human. Two different people and their different world, coincidentally met and fell in love, then what is the outcome of this story? Will this series of 8 episodes bore you or become a perfect weekend entertainer, let us know.

What is the story?
The story of Toothpari is set in Kolkata. Bikram Roy is a naive, innocent looking dentist. He wants to become a chef but following the family tradition, he had to become a dentist. Bikram is upset when patients do not come to the clinic. Apart from running the clinic, he makes cooking videos on the side and posts them on social media. Rumi (Tanya Manaktala) brings a major twist in the story of Roy leading a complicated life. Rumi, who is a vampire, drinks human blood. His world is different. It goes out into the human world for hunting at night. One such day, while hunting in the club, one of his teeth breaks. Only this tooth lays the foundation of Rumi-Roy’s love story.

Rumi goes to Dr. Roy’s clinic to get a second tooth fitted, Roy falls in love with Rumi at first sight there. Slowly the meeting of both of them increases on the pretext of getting their teeth fixed. Roy’s simplicity makes Rumi heartbroken. Roy’s parents insist on getting both of them married. That’s when a big twist comes in the story. Rumi’s reality comes in front of Roy. Then do the two separate? Does Roy expose the people in Rumi’s world? You will have to watch the series to get their answers.

By the way, this series is not just about love story. There are other vampires here who are engaged in keeping their people safe. On the other side are Cutmundus (gang of vampire killers) who know the secret of these vampires and are planning to expose them. The leader of Cutmundus is Luna Luca (Revati). Luna wants to kill the vampires one by one. Does she succeed in this mission? You will get the answer to this in the show.

How was the acting?
The acting of some actors in Toothpari is so good that you will not lose sight of them, like Revathi. His talent is not hidden from anyone. Revathi has done an excellent job. Lead actress Tanya Manaktala has played the role of a vampire well. Yes, Shantanu Maheshwari is a little frozen. If he has to bring growth in his acting career, then he will have to work a lot on himself. Otherwise, the fans like those dancers more. Adil Hussain, Shashwat Chatterjee have done a good job. Sikandar Kher, Tilottama Shome are fine.

Should I watch this series?
If you like series full of thrill and suspense, then you will be disappointed here. The story is simple, in which the thrill is less. That’s why on many occasions it will also bore you. Those who want to see something new can get upset. If you do not have anything special to watch in the weekend, then you can watch this series for timepass. People fond of fantasy drama and vampire series can give it a chance. But yes, at your own risk…


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