Friday, September 22, 2023

Too few kicks, too many cards

The Malaga CF suffered again this Friday in the palms one of the worst punishments. The first was the fact of not being able to score against Las Palmas (2-1) and we will have to wait a few hours to see what happens this Sunday at the amorebietaFuenlabrada (2:00 p.m.) to find out if the defeat is even more painful. However, the worst martyrdom is being the reprimands. The big headache this season of the Malaga CF.

The Blue and Whites are the second LaLiga SmartBank team to more cards accumulated in this season 21/22: ¡114 in 38 days! Without being a tough squad, the blue and white players are being one of the squads most punished by the referees. It’s not just the actions with the ball, but also the loss of time and the protests that are penalizing one game and another also to some players to whom the referees are not passing them a single one. only the Fuenlabrada (119) have received more cards this League than the Malaguistas.

There is a striking case. And it is that Alberto Escassi He is the most booked by far in the team and the second in the entire championship. The paleño accumulates 11 yellow and 3 red. He has already served a sanction in a whopping five games: three of them for direct expulsion and two more with the card cycle. However, it is not a question of him being a particularly tough player, but rather that his position on the field weighs him down and forces him many times to force fouls that result in a yellow card. The captain is the midfielder who closes the axis and even the most backward central defender. On numerous occasions he has had to make a tactical foul to prevent the rival from leaving with numerical superiority and that is almost always “yellow”.

Precisely, in addition to having been away against the palms for that red forehead Eibarin the next match against Real Oviedo You will have to be careful because, in the event that the referees show you a card, you will complete your cycle again. And he is not the only one. They accompany «23» in this list of «threatened» Jozebed (9 cards), Paulinus (9) and Ramon (4). So the moment would not be the most ideal, due to classification and number of days remaining, for Málaga CF and Paul Guede lose the smallest player.

The issue of excess cards also affects the goal. The goalkeepers have been harmed by this issue and not infrequently. Daniel Martin Y dani neighborhood they have received this season 3 and 2 cards, respectively. To contextualize it with the rest of the outfield players, the Betis goalkeeper has received the same number of sanctions as Cufre, Lombán, Kevin either Alvaro Vadilleither. That’s the level. The losses of time have also added up during the 38 days so that the number of cards grew to the current 114.

What’s more, not even being on the bench exempts you from being able to receive some kind of sanction. It has been a custom throughout the campaign that became very visible in the last game with the Eibar in The Rose Garden with many penalties.

However, there is a figure that may surprise even more. The Malaga CF is the team The league SmartBank that commits fewer faults per match before receiving a cardboard: 4.81 fouls on average. It is the only set whose figure is less than 5. Fuenlabrada, the only one that surpasses those of Martiricos in total cards, requires 5.40. And in the template there are great losers in this regard. Jozebed receives a warning for every 2 fouls, 2 fouls! And not far away they follow Andres Caro Y Luis Munozboth with 3.

So with those you have to deal Paul Guede in every match. to travel to the palmss could not count up to three players because of the cards (scarce, Javier Jimenez Y Luis Munoz) and to receive the Real Oviedo it will not be Victor Gomez after that red card in the 93rd minute that could have been avoided.


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