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Tony Yoka: origin, defeat… Who is the French boxer?

Tony Victor James Yoka alias Tony Yoka was born on April 28, 1992 in Paris from the union between Victor Yoka and Gertrude Yoka. The Ile-de-France started boxing very young. From the age of 6, he put on the gloves influenced by his father’s passion. At the age of 8 he joined a club where he will be trained by the latter before joining the BA des Mureaux. At 17 he became a member of INSEP. The Parisian begins a multitude of fights at the amateur level which will lead in 2015 to a world title of + 91 kg and an Olympic success in 2016 in the same category. In 2017, he took on the professional boxing tag.

During this period he started a family with Estelle Mossely, another Olympic champion. Despite the two children they had together, the couple divorced in 2021, a year after the marriage of the two athletes (2018). 2018 and 2019 were complicated on a sporting level because Tony Yoka was suspended for one year for anti-doping rule violations. He then illustrated himself with a conquering face by winning the European belt. But he lost ground in 2022 against Martin Bakole. Today, the one we call “the artist” is about to challenge Carlos Takam.

What are the origins of Tony Yoka?

Tony Yoka by his father has Congolese origins. The boxer was born in Ile-de-France in Paris.

How many defeats has Tony Yoka?

25th in the world at the world level, 1st at the national level, Tony Yoka does not actually have many fights to his credit (12). Professional only since 2017, the Frenchman had previously competed in the amateur sphere. This is why he has only one defeat in 2022 against Martin Bakole. Otherwise, the Parisian has a 92% win ratio with 11 wins including 9 by KO and 2 by decision.

What was Tony Yoka’s career at the Olympic Games?

In 2012 he managed to qualify for the London Olympics. However, he was eliminated in the first round probably for lack of experience since four years later, the French won Olympic gold in Rio.

What is Tony Yoka’s track record

Officially a professional boxer since 2017, the Frenchman after Olympic gold went for a European belt in 2021. As an amateur, he was also world champion in the + 91 kg category in 2015.

What is Tony Yoka’s salary?

In 2019 during his fight against the German Michael Wallisch, Tony Yoka had received 250,000 euros. With his old and future fights, the Frenchman probably received sums close to these.

Who is Tony Yoka’s wife?

Rio 2016 Olympic champions Estelle Mossely and Tony Yoka were married in 2018. Two children were born during their relationship as they divorced in 2021.

How much does Tony Yoka weigh?

When you are a heavyweight boxer and you have a large frame, the scale necessarily displays more than 100kg. “The artist” weighs 109kg.

How tall is Tony Yoka?

The Parisian by its size has a very nice extension equivalent to 208cm. The French narrowly exceeds the symbolic bar of 2m and measures 2m01.


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