There are days left for this atypical summer to end. Unusual for being the first without restrictions after the first pandemic in a century, for the extreme drought that has the entire country in check, with almost no water reserves, and, above all, for a warlike conflict that has bled Ukraine dry and that adventure a particularly cold winter, due to inflation, in Old Europe.

Autumn is looming, with its fallen leaves, promises of copper forests in Parauta and any other small town in Genal in which to stop and stop time. Soon you will feel less like bathing on the beach, although the Aemet promises a dry and warm quarter. With everything we will continue practicing sports in the open air, pushing our chests along this Costa del Sol of bright days and endless opportunities.


A little less than a year ago I dedicated these same lines to talk about skates, marks on foot in athletics and, incidentally, I remembered that we were still without regulation for electric scooters. 11 months have passed and it is not only that we continue practically the same in this matter. Unfortunately, we have five new fatalities in Spain as a result of road accidents involving scooters.

In that installment of this Short Marking I joked that we have neither regulation for these electric bicycles nor regulated competitions, with the vocation of being able to one day be an Olympic discipline even if it was for exhibition. He said that some continue to train recklessly, but the joke is no longer funny.

In the last 20 months, a whopping 18 people have died with an electric scooter as the terrible protagonist. There were 13 during the past year, to which add the five that have been registered since last January, as published this past week by the Fundación Mapfre and Cesvimap through an exhaustive report.


The deaths are shocking. But personally I also think of the serious victims, who were up to 83 in these almost two years. Many of them may still be in full rehabilitation and, with absolute certainty, some of these victims have had their lives changed forever.

I am particularly struck by the fact that the news had to be used to develop this report. There is no, I repeat, there is no regulation or official statistics on the accident rate of these vehicles so frequent in our main avenues, streets and squares.

It does not have an iota of thanks that the progressive increase in deaths with or by scooter. From five in all of 2019 it went to six in the year of confinement. From there to the 13 fatalities in 2021, of which 11 were men. In five cases the cause was a fall against the sidewalk or a curb, in another five there was a collision between scooters and another three cases were due to being run over.


The victims for this last cause were always close to 80 years of age. Two were 78 and 79-year-old women, as reflected in that report recently released in recent days, and there was a 79-year-old man who also lost his life.

At this point and with a decisive clarifying fact, as it turns out that 82% of serious cases result in a traumatic brain injury, we wonder why the last reform of the Traffic regulations includes the general obligation to use the helmet, without specify where or in what specific cases.

That is to say, article 47 of the regulations already in force, to which we have addressed, speaks of compulsory nature “in the terms determined by regulation”. And unfortunately, at the gates of another end of the year, we still do not have a DGT regulation that can serve as protection for these elderly people who, as very vulnerable people, end up suffering the worst consequences in the event of an accident.