Tuesday, September 26, 2023

To make lips beautiful, apply red chili? ‘Paver Girl’ Dananeer Mobeen’s dangerous beauty hack, trolled

Do you remember Pakistan’s Poverty Girl Danneer Mubeen? Dananir is once again dominated on social media because of his video. This is her beauty hack video. In which he has shared home tips to make the lips appear bigger (plump). But this beauty hack of Dannir has put her in trouble. Why so, let us know.

Dannir Mubeen’s Dangerous Recipe

Dananari has shared a video on Insta in which she tells how to plump lips at home. Dananir tells the fans to first apply Vaseline on the lips, then red chili powder and then apply cinnamon powder on the lips. This trick will make your lips look perfectly plump. In the video, Dananir also applies this trick on himself. They say that it looks dead. When these pack dananirs are applied on their lips, they also get burning. This paste has to be applied on the lips for 5 minutes. But she herself is unable to apply this paste for 5 minutes. Dannir was so jealous that he even sweated on his forehead.

Dannir’s Painful Experience

In the end, Dananir removes this paste from the lips and shows off her plump lips. The result is that Dananir finally refuses to apply this homemade trick to the fans. She says don’t try it at home. Sharing this video, Dananir wrote the caption – I tried this home made lip plumper and I realized that my natural lips are better. This is very painful. But yes your lips are definitely plump. The level of pen is 9/10. I have also mentioned in my video not to try it at home.

Trolled Daneer

Dananir even told the hack to plump lips and also warned that do not try it at home. But the controversy had already arisen. Daneer’s video has sparked a debate in Pakistan’s showbiz industry and among beauticians. She has not liked this beauty hack of Dananir. Celebs have called this hack dangerous. Questions are being raised on social media influencer Daneer.

Pakistani actress Mathira wrote- Oh my god, why would anyone tell someone to keep chili powder on their lips. Please not everything you see on Google is correct. Many people have very sensitive skin. Celebrity and dermatologist Shaista Lodhi took a jibe at Dananir and said – I don’t understand how a person who has a mobile becomes a doctor and influencer. This is Dangerous. Don’t do this at all. Do not apply red chili directly on the lips.

What do you have to say about this beauty hack by Dananir?


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