Friday, September 22, 2023

Tim Cook reduces 40% of his salary at Apple: Does he predict the failure of the iPhone 15?

Google, Goal and Twitter They were companies that, after the fall in technology businesses due to the covid-19 pandemic, made massive layoffs in their companies. , despite the fact that the numbers affected everyone, had remained firm without dispensing with its human capital, according to the same CEO of the company, Tim Cook.

Until in April of this same year the Cupertino giant announced some light layoffs that they tried to hide with the search for new employees. The storm passed and four months later the alarms went off with a strange measure taken by the executive director of Apple.

Tim Cook took a pay cut. His income for this year will be 40% less than in 2022, the year in which he reached an ostentatious record figure. Are we worried about the Apple CEO’s savings account? Not at all, his salary equal to him is estimated in tens of millions of dollars.

What happens is that this type of measure sets off the alarm bells for predictions of a possible failure of the iPhone 15 or that the sales of the rest of their devices for some reason do not increase.

Let’s talk about Tim Cook’s soil

According to a review by Infobae, 2022 was the best year for Tim Cook on his story as Apple CEO. His salary is calculated as follows: he has a basic of 3 million dollars. The rest is received in shares, which currently stand at $40 million, and bonuses for performance on company sales.

Something good must have been the sales last year, when he received 99.4 million dollars. It was better for her than in 2021, when she reached 98.7 ‘kilos’. In any of the cases we are talking about bonuses or prizes of approximately 83 million.

What is the concern?

Anyone would wonder, what is the concern then? It happens that the decision comes just before the results of the third quarter of 2023 are published. So, a reduction before the numbers is an alert that things are not going well.

It is normal, because it is just before the launch of a new equipment. So, it is even more worrying because they would be sending the message that there is not much confidence in the iPhone 15, a cell phone that should put the green numbers back in the company.

Maybe it’s a success; That is unpredictable at the moment. But the company (or Tim Cook himself) seems to be making a cushion in case this doesn’t happen, something they haven’t done in the last two years.


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