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TikTok: You can make the “Flash Warning” effect in your videos

The arrival of TikTok among the most used social networks in the world, required a different behavior from users when creating content. That consists of improving editing skills, deepening creativity, and constantly reviewing what are the trending effects, songs, and choreographies within the app.

TikTok: You can make the “Flash Warning” effect in your videos
TikTok (Unsplash)

One of them is FlashWarning, an effect that was to imitate a cartoon character, executing a simple action.

However, other users used that same effect to perform another challenge that consisted of looking to the side of your camera and zooming in on the face of a celebrity, while there is a change of lights in the image and background music that simulates a situation of the party.

Next, you will know the step by step to perform this effect on TikTok

How to make the Flash Warning effect

Despite having the same name, the trends are different, so you will have two steps by step.

Challenge 1- Cartoon

  • To perform this edit you must use TikTok’s premium app, CapCut, where there are more editing options.
  • In the same way, you must download the GIFs that you are going to use in the video together with the audiovisual material that you previously recorded with your cell phone.
  • In this application, you will have to upload the video you have recorded on one line and the GIF on another. Then you will have to cut the frames, taking care that each one lasts less than a second.
  • Then you must eliminate the frames that have been interleaved in the middle. This way you will notice the final result that will be as if the movement were a mixture between you and the cartoon.
  • After you have the video ready, you can go to TikTok and add the song you want to it and that’s it.

Challenge 2- Video with your idol

To successfully create a TikTok video with Flash Warning effects in this trend, you need to prepare a selfie video, a picture of your idol or anyone you want to appear with, and various applications.

The step by step is:

  • Record a video of yourself: No matter what you do in front of the camera, make sure there is a scene, where you look in the direction as if your idol is there, right with you. Put your hand on your face, pretending it is the hand of your idol. The key is to make sure the hand looks like it belongs to other people, so you need to pose it at an angle.
  • Find a photo of someone else: The key is to find a photo that is shot from the side face of the person you want to “flash together” so that when you two guys edit together, it looks like he is looking at you, lovingly.
  • Background music: Lady Gaga’s Judas is the most popular. You can also find other tracks that you like.


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