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TikTok: what does the phrase “child password” consist of within the social network?

On more than one occasion we have brought some terms that are ‘moving’ within TikTok and that you probably don’t know.

This occurs as a result of the use that certain communities give to the video platform to create new codes and evolve the digital language.

The most recent case is with ‘child password’, a phrase that few understand according to the context.

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Find out the meaning of the phrase below.

What does child password mean?

“Child password” is one of many new phrases cropping up on TikTok, and according to at least one video on the platform, the exact meaning of the phrase is still disputed. Some users apparently think that a child with a password refers to a child who is responsible for remembering all of her parent’s passwords. Taking on this role means that the child is seen as intelligent and trustworthy, and may come to be favored by her parents.

On the other side of that dynamic, we have the other definition, which suggests that the phrase refers to the child whose name is embedded in all of its parents’ passwords. This particular use of the phrase is almost like shorthand for favorite, as it seems to be almost salt in the wound for other children who are aware that their names never seemed to be part of their parents’ passwords.

Therefore, depending on the context, ‘child password’ can refer to a child who functions almost as a third parent or a child who is a favorite of their parents. Of course, these two ideas definitely have some crossover, so it’s possible in some circumstances that the answers are one and the same. TikTok users were eager to point out this overlay.

Below are the most popular videos that refer to the subject:


Replying to @bibian.m my original video only makes sense using my definition of the term 😅 #momsoftiktok #fyp

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The trend has multiple videos with various reactions.


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