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TikTok series: a monetization tool for creators

For better or worse, we have become accustomed to concepts like influencer and content creator. Similar, but not identical, these professional profiles are specialized in post videos and images on platforms and social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitch or YouTube. Among other. And in exchange for this content, they receive a percentage of profits from the platforms that include advertising in that content. Hence ideas arise such as TikTok series.

Many aspire to be content creators and reach the level of influencer. But this requires a lot of perseverance and many followers. We’re not going to go in there. The point is that to the platforms and social networks themselves They are interested in the existence of this type of users who contribute content. That’s what TikTok and company live on. And the more facilities they provide, the better.

The TikTok Series or TikTok Series are one of those facilities that TikTok makes available to its most loyal content creators to help them monetize that content. In their own words, “it allows them to build trust and strengthen relationships with your communityincrease the value of your brand and content and ultimately further reach your monetization goals on the platform.” In practice, what does this mean?

What are TikTok Series?

Trust, relationships, value, monetization… These concepts are very good for selling the TikTok Series tool. But to understand each other, what exactly do they consist of? Basically, and as its name indicates, the TikTok Series or TikTok Series are a succession of videos. A series, come on. Their peculiarity is that they are “a collection of paid premium content”. That is, until now you could watch all the videos from your favorite creators. But from now on, some of those videos will be paid.

TikTok Series can host up to 80 videos with a duration of between 30 seconds and 20 minutes. In MP4 format and up to 4 GB per video. And although it is recommended that they be vertical, they can also be horizontal. According to the platform itself, TikTok videos have a duration of 60 seconds if you have created them from the application itself. And of up to 3 minutes if you upload or upload them once you have recorded and edited them with another app.

Regarding the theme of the Series, TikTok gives some examples based on “sharing your knowledge and experience.” Cooking recipes, fitness routines, photography tutorials, hairdressing tricks to do yourself… In other words, it’s all about provide added value worth putting a price on.

Requirements to use TikTok Series

As is usually the case, not all TikTok or Twitch tools are available to everyone. It will depend on your level as a content creator to benefit from the TikTok Series. That is, you have adequate metrics in terms of number of publications and number of followers or views.

The main requirements to publish TikTok Series:

  • Be of age. That is, have 18 years or older.
  • Your account must have a age greater than 30 days.
  • That account must be public.
  • Private, company and political accounts are excluded.
  • You must publish, at least, 3 posts in the last 30 days.
  • Your publications must reach 1,000 views in the last 30 days.
  • The content must be original.
  • Your account must be free of penalties or violations of TikTok rules.

However, it is a relatively recent tool or service, so it is possible that even if you meet all these requirements, TikTok still does not allow you to create your own Series. In his own words, “the Series are currently available only to select creators”. But by trying, you don’t lose anything.

How to get started with Series

Within the application, to check if you can use TikTok Series, you will have to go to your Profilewalk into Menu, Creator Tools and finally go to TikTok Series. There you can register to start using this new content format. The request will be studied and you will receive a notice of whether you can start the Series or not. From there, you can manage the Series from the web.

TikTok has launched a direct link to the TikTok Series. There you have to log in with your account as a creator to create new series. Specifically, within your profile image, you will see the option series. There you must choose New Series and fill out the fields to give it a name, a description, a cover image and the price to view that content.

Once the TikTok Series videos are uploaded, the platform will review that content to verify that it complies with the community standards. After verification, you will receive a notice that that content has been approved and published.

TikTok Series is an additional source of income for content creators

Income and prices of the Series

TikTok Series prices have a minimum cost of $0.99 and a maximum of $189.99. It will depend on the number of videos, their duration and their value. From there, TikTok usually pays when the accumulated income of an account equal to or exceed 50 US dollars. And the payment is made every 15th of the month.

Where TikTok Series are shown

As TikTok explains, “viewers can unlock exclusive content buying access to a TikTok Series via direct links published in a video or through the creator’s profile.” That is, you will see these “premium content” on its creator’s own channel.

You’ll find more information about the TikTok Series on their official help page and on the TikTok creators page.

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