Friday, September 29, 2023

TikTok is working on a button that will allow content creators to save their videos without a watermark

TikTok is working on a new button that will allow content creators on the platform to save their videos without a watermark, a feature that the platform is currently governed by.

This service, owned by ByteDance, allows users to save videos posted to public accounts. To do this, you must open the desired content, press the arrow icon or ‘Send’ and choose the option ‘Save video‘.

The TikTok videos They are characterized by incorporating a graphic that is superimposed on top of the video. Actually, it is a tool that the platform uses to differentiate the content that is published on it from the videos that are shared through other social networks, such as Instagram or Snapchat.

The company would be working on a new functionality that will allow users to save a video without this famous watermark, as the consultant from social networks Matt Navarre.

The analyst has also shared a screenshot that includes a new option called ‘Save posts without a watermark’, which comes with the indication ‘This only affects videos or photos that you have shared’.

This would indicate that, when saving their own content, users will not be forced to save the video with the tiktok watermarkbut they will be able to do without it.


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