Monday, January 30, 2023

TikTok has a secret button to make any video viral

TikTok is once again at the center of controversy. An investigation carried out by Forbes found that the popular social video network uses a secret button to make any video viral. known as Heating (warm-up), this button boosts the view count on selected content that is displayed in the “For You” tab. According to internal documents, Heating is a strategy for the company to attract more influencers and brands inflating the figures of the content.

TikTok’s secret button push the videos of the feed to enhance its distribution. To do this, ByteDance has created a series of documents that illustrate the steps to be followed by the company’s employees and the situations in which it could be used. Although the idea of ​​promoting content is beneficial for greater diversity, or to give preference to videos of general interest, this button It is used to close commercial agreements.

According to inside sources, TikTok employees use the viral button to attract companies that ByteDance wants to work with. The employees inflate the number of views to benefit accounts and sign alliances. The Heating has a considerable effect, as the total views of these videos represent between 1 and 2 percent of the daily views of the videos on the platform.

The videos that TikTok recommends are not always based on your tastes

Photo: ROBIN WORRALL (Unsplash)

Although this practice does not seem unreasonable, it is surprising that an important part of the content that the app recommends is not related to your tastes or with what the algorithm learns about you. A ByteDance spokesperson told Forbes that promote some videos “to help diversify the content experience and introduce up-and-coming celebrities and creators to the TikTok community.” With this, the company would be accepting the practice of heating videos, although it assures that They only make up 0.002 percent of the “For You” feed.

Another important issue is that the use of the button to go viral is the responsibility of ByteDance employees. According to the report, workers have abused Heating to boost your personal accounts or those of your family. Although the actions would violate company policies, that does not stop the staff from taking advantage and viralizing whatever they want.

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