After months of testing, TikTok has finally decided to roll out its “Dislike” button globally. Some have already been able to use this feature in the past, although it was just a test. Today, Friday, the company has taken its main social networks to confirm that is now available in all regions, and for all users.

Testing of this button began last April. At the time, certain users were reporting the appearance of a new button in the comments section. Next to the classic heart that symbolizes a “Like”, TikTok also introduced a thumbs down, much like YouTube’s.. In this way, it is possible to assess those messages that contributed the most.


The “I don’t like it”, as we already reported in April, only reached the comments section. You will not be able to vote for a video using this button, for that there is already a function called “I’m not interested”. Instead, the new proposal allows voting in the comments section in order to identify content that does not contribute, or that is harmful or problematic for the TikTok community.

🔔 New feature on the way. Earlier this year, we started testing a new way for people to identify comments they find irrelevant or inappropriate. After some testing, we are rolling it out globally. 📲 Read on for 3 fast facts

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How the new “Dislike” button works on TikTok

This is what the dislike button looks like on TikTok

Can people see who has Disliked their comments? The answer is no. The creator will not be notified when people dislike their comment, and neither other users nor the owner of the post will be able to see how many they have received. This function, as TikTok comments in the previous statement, is to maintain a better internal order.


Of course, you can always remove your “dislike” from a comment that you have voted inadvertently. Doing so is as simple as tapping the thumbs down button again.

Although it was earlier this year that we could see the first test of this button, TikTok has been working on it for a while. In fact, it was in March 2020 that social media analyst Matt Navarra first saw it in the app’s code.. Today, finally, it has arrived along with promises to create a better community within the application.