Friday, March 24, 2023

TikTok bets on Series, 20-minute videos for which you must pay to see

TikTok announced another way for content creators to monetize their videos on the app. It’s called Series: a new proposal for paid videos that will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes. The option, the company said, is currently available to a select group of creators.

Each “Series” can contain up to 80 20-minute videos. Creators will be able to choose the price of their content, in a range from $0.99 to $189.99a TikTok spokesperson reported to CNBC. Until now, users could only share 15-second, 1-minute, 3-minute, or 10-minute videos.

The new TikTok paid videos replicate the modality of other content platforms premium, like OnlyFans. The company, however, highlighted in a statement that it will prioritize “a safe and welcoming environment” for your users. Like the rest of the material that is disseminated on the platform, paid videos must comply with the guidelines that prohibit, for example, explicit sexual content or extreme violence.

The new TikTok paid videos as part of the new monetization plan

TikTok logo on a mobile screen

TikTok said that the new paid videos will be available to more creators in the coming months. The new modality is part of Creative Programa new monetization plan launched as a beta test in the United States, France, and Brazil.

Participants in this program have to meet several requirements: they must be at least 18 years old, in addition to having a certain number of followers and views. The option is automatically available to those who are already enrolled in the TikTok Creator Fundthe original network monetization system that pays its creators based on visits and the quality of their content.

The Creator Fund was launched in 2020. The company announced at the time that this fund had a support of 1,000 million dollars for its participants, which would be distributed over the next three years. However, during this time, TikTok creators have complained that this system rewarded them with very little money.

The new paid videos from TikTok, which depends on the Chinese company ByteDance, comes amid the controversy over data security. The United States, Canada and the European Union have prohibited their officials from using the application. The fear is that this user information could be used in espionage tasks involving the Chinese government.

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