Thursday, September 21, 2023

TikTok: A pilot went viral by revealing the secret to knowing if turbulence is really dangerous

A Sydney pilot and reality TV star, Jimmy Nicholson, went viral on TikTok by sharing a secret trick to determine if in-flight turbulence is really dangerous.

Although he experienced some of the worst turbulence on a flight to Barcelona during his honeymoon, Jimmy explained why there was no cause for concern.

Jimmy and his wife, Holly Kingston, were in the back of the Airbus plane when they encountered extreme turbulence. Nicholson recorded how the aircraft shook from side to side, showing the intensity of the moment.


Horrible turbulence on our flight today. Im a Pilot and actually fly this aircaft type (Airbus). Here’s why you have nothing to worry about #pilot #turbulence

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Despite the frightening appearance, Jimmy reassured his wife that it was completely normal. “Yeah, this is one of the worst I’ve ever felt,” said Nicholson, quite calm in the midst of the turbulence.

During the flight, Jimmy shared a trick: He put a bottle of water upside down to show that the water was barely moving, meaning that the sensation of turbulence was more intense for the passengers than it really was.

Additionally, Jimmy advised those who are afraid of flying to look out the plane window, reminding them that the appearance of turbulence from the inside can be deceiving. Finally, he stressed that when turbulence occurs, the plane is not going to fall out of the sky like nothing.

“Airplanes are built to withstand much, much worse. It’s not fun, obviously, but completely fine,” he said.

Reaction on social networks

In the comments, many users thanked the tips made by the tiktoker:

  • @user3073457319470: I’d like to be sitting next to you in bad turbulence
  • @Lucky Punk: It’s not the turbulence that scares me, it’s pilot error, or some kind of serious mechanical failure 😭😂
  • @Kami Mattioli: I’m not scared of turbulence, I’m scared of people vomiting around me
  • @Steve Fennell: I always look at how flight attendants react to turbulence to determine severity.
  • @Nicole: I love the casual “yeah this is one of the worst” with no reaction 😂 pilots are a different breed.


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