Monday, December 11, 2023

Tigres fan injured when a piece of the stadium fell on her

During the meeting between Tigres and Toluca at the University Stadiuman alarming incident occurred when a fan was injured after being hit by a concrete fragment that fell on her head, the events occurred near the service module at gate 8 of the sports venue.

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In a shocking image captured at the time of the incident, you can see the team’s follower tigers sitting, holding in her hands the piece of bloody concrete that injured her; Despite the situation, the affected person appeared to remain calm while she received medical attention, while the match continued.

The injured fan, in an interview with Info 7 Monterreyrecounted the details of the event: “A fragment of concrete detached and small pieces of debris fell on my leg, later one the size of my hand hit my head. I had to get stitches”. The fan affirmed that it is not the first time that something similar has happened to her in the stadium, although on previous occasions she had escaped unharmed from the incidents.

This unfortunate incident raised security concerns at the University Stadium, and it is expected that the competent authorities carry out an investigation to determine the causes and take the necessary measures to ensure the integrity of the fans in said property.


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