Sunday, June 4, 2023

Tigres and Roosters disappoint with a gray tie

In a match that was vitally important for both teams, it ended up being unfavorable for both squads, with a goalless draw that was bad for tigers and White Roosters.

The cats took to the field with a defensive posture, with a line of 5 defenders, respecting the good moment that Querétaro is having.

The game in its first half became very tight, canceling both teams and constantly cutting the game.

The locals were the team that insisted the most on attack, especially from the sector on the right with Pablo Barrera and José Zúñiga, who was the forward who had the two clearest ones that he failed to finish off in a good way.

Tigres did not have any shots under the three posts, a clear sign that they were canceled on offense and that they had no game generation.

The second half began with a feline team more animated in attack, although without clarity or clear arrivals against a Gil Alcalá who had not soiled his uniform.

Both teams disappointed in the actions of the match, with very few dangerous arrivals and with this result the Tigres are in a difficult situation in order to find places in the league and instead Querétaro signed to be the last place in the percentage, so they will have to pay the penalty.


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