Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tiger Woods’ ex-partner Erica Herman sues golfer for sexual harassment

Erica Herman has sued her ex-partner, the golf star Tiger Woodsof course sexual harassmentas reflected in a judicial file presented on Friday by a lawyer for the woman in the state of Florida, information collected this weekend by the US media.

The filing of this claim constitutes a new step in the confrontation between Woods and his former partnerwhich now continues with this initiative before the judicial authorities of Florida.

In March it was made public that the ex-girlfriend of the American golfer, with whom he had a relationship for about six years, filed a lawsuit against the athlete in court to obtain a millionaire compensation and try to annul a confidentiality agreement which, as he assured, forced him to sign.

Herman then alleged that Woods made him sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of their relationship, in August 2017, and that now, after their separation, he wants to impose it improperly.

The CNN chain, which indicates that it had access to the judicial file presented on Friday, details that it indicates that the athlete decided to engage in a sexual relationship with his employee and then forced her to sign a confidentiality agreement in this regard or, otherwise , she would be fired from her job.

Herman was an employee at a South Florida restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, owned by the athlete.

“A boss who imposes different working conditions on his employee because of their relationship is sexual harassment”claims Herman’s attorney, Benjamin Hobas, in the lawsuit filed in Florida.

The document also alleges the alleged implementation of a “scheme” used against Herman last year, where Woods asked him to pack his bags for a weekend getaway to the Bahamas.

Herman had said in this matter that Woods’ aides convinced her last October to pack her bags and go “for a short vacation” without the golfer, and took her to the airport, where she was told she couldn’t return home. .

The ex-partner alleged that one of the golfer’s lawyers even met her at the airport with a proposal to resolve any outstanding issues between her and Tiger Woods.

The ex-partner has also sued Tiger’s trust, which owns his home, for $30 million, because he claims that this is the “reasonable rental value” of the house during the five years in which he could still live there. having broken their relationship and according to an agreement that both signed.


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