Monday, December 11, 2023

Tiago Volpi scores a Panenka penalty

Tiago Volpi, goalkeeper of Toluca, unleashed madness among the chorizo ​​fans who gathered at the Nemersio Diez Stadiumto witness the duel with the Necaxa.

At minute 67′, a penalty was awarded for a foul in the area on Maxi Araujo. The Mexican followers began to chant the name of Volpiasking that he be the collector of the maximum penalty.

The Red Devils and the same Toluca They fulfilled the request of the respectable and the Brazilian took the ball to place it on the penalty spot.

Volpi cheated on his colleague Raphael Ramirez, who dove to his right side, as he scored with even Panenka shot, which represented the third goal for the locals.

This was the third goal of Tiago Volpi in it Closing 2023 and the fourth that adds up to the shirt of the Tolucawhich he got in the Opening 2022 in view of Saints. They have all been criminal.


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