Friday, September 29, 2023

Threads would launch its desktop web version in a few days to crush Twitter

Threadsthe new social network connected to instagram which is basically a clone of X, formerly called Twitter, is still more alive than ever and is about to release its desktop version to fully compete against the platform of Elon Musk.

We all still remember the furor caused by this project promoted by Mark Zuckerberg himself, Meta’s top boss, when a lot of brands and precedents were broken at the launch of the new site.

In its first seven hours of existence, Threads managed to amass a brutal amount of with what became the fastest growing social network and app in the history of such sites.

The reality, however, is that the platform at that time had a wide range of areas of opportunity. Starting from its own interface and the way in which the algorithm selected what content to display.

But one of the points most criticized and pointed out against Threads, without a doubt, was the non-existence of a desktop web version, which allowed browsing the social network through a computer and not a smartphone or tablet.

After all, if we are dealing with a clone of Twitter, that element is one of the most distinctive and essential elements that was absent from the launch. But that would be about to change.

Threads is almost ready for its desktop web version, in theory

It turns out that a recent article in the newspaper of The Wall Street Journal reveals that within Meta it would be preparing everything to launch very soon, in a matter of days, a web version of Threads.

At the beginning of this month of August 2023, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed that the company was working to add a web version of the social network along with a post search feature, as only usernames can be searched on the platform at the moment.

Mark Zuckerberg uses his official Threads account, the Twitter clone on Instagram, to announce the rate of growth of the app.

At that time Zuckerberg stated that everything would be ready to launch “within a few weeks”. At the same time Adam Mosseri, The head of Instagram, and therefore of Threads, posted on his official personal account last week that Meta had been testing “a first build internally for a week or two” but that it “needs some work” before launch. .

Now the newspaper claims that this desktop web version of Threads would be almost ready, being, at least, functional. Therefore it could be launched within this same final week of August 2023.

However, the outlet also states that the final decision has not yet been made and that the project could be delayed.


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