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Threads will launch its web version to try to compete with Twitter and stop the bleeding of users

The Threads web version It will be released this week, he assures The Wall Street Journal. With this deployment, the Meta application will try to recover users who abandoned the social network massively and abruptly, after an overwhelming debut by all accounts.

The application associated with Instagram debuted in the first week of July, with a mechanic very similar to that of X (Twitter). That is, with short text publications as the epicenter of the proposal. It should be noted that, so far, Threads has been offered through mobile apps on iOS and Android. That limitation would change in the coming days with the release of a browser edition.

The option has been highly demanded by users and Meta responded to the request. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s CEO, said that the web version of Threads would arrive “in the next few weeks.” For his part, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, also gave an account of the plan. “We are working on it! We’ve been using a version internally for a week or two. However, it still needs some work before we can open it up to everyone”, he recently responded to a user who asked about such a variant.

Mosseri said that they are working on a web version of Threads.

The web version of Threads seeks to recover users who left the social network

As we observed earlier in hypertextualthe brand new Meta application passed From glory to heartbreak in less than a month. The social network rose to popularity quickly, surpassing the 100 million sign-up mark in five days. That success was brief: the platform closed July with an 82% drop in its user base, according to Sensor Tower data.

In addition, the analysis firm noted that the social network that competes with X (Twitter) had a peak of 44 million active users, a mark that was registered a few days after the launch. Weeks later, the number fell to 8 million. This decrease had an impact on the time spent in the application and on the average number of daily accesses. In that framework, CNN He observed that the number of Threads users is dropping at a rate of 1% each day.

Threads: early success and subsequent fall.
Threads: early success and subsequent fall.

The launch of the web version of Threads would help the app catch up on lost ground. It is one of the different strategies with which Meta tries to get his new social network back on his feet, after his first and successful push. In addition, the American technology added a feed chronological, a function for automatic translations and an option similar to Twitter’s retweet. The inclusion of an improved system for searches within the platform is also expected.

Threads’ early records

In an internal meeting to whose details he agreed ReutersZuckerberg addressed the abrupt loss of users in Threads. “If you have more than 100 million people registered, it would be amazing if all of them, or even half, stayed. We haven’t gotten there yet, ”he said at the time. In addition, he pointed out that falling is a “normal” reaction.

With the aforementioned “retaining hooks” —the new functions in the social network—, the Californian company intends to take advantage of a series of records that augured a good future:

  • The tool reached 2 million downloads in the first two hours after its launch.
  • After five hours on Google Play and the App Store, it exceeded 10 million downloads.
  • After 24 hours, it exceeded 30 million registered users.
  • As we indicated previously, the 100 million user barrier on Threads was passed after five days. For comparison, ChatGPT achieved that amount in about 60 days, after its debut in November last year.

Mark Zuckerberg’s optimism about the future of Threads

The web version of Threads is part of Meta’s efforts to make the social network compete with X (Twitter), as well as alternatives like Mastodon and BlueSky. In such a context, it will also be the job of the developers to add new and unique features. With this, it is possible that the new Meta network recovers ground and becomes a habit for users, a core variable so that success is not temporary and, instead, is sustained over time.

Threads, Meta's bet to compete with X (Twitter).
Threads, Meta’s bet to compete with X (Twitter).

The CEO of the company pointed to that direction when he reported his optimism about the future of Threads. “The initial growth was off the charts, but what’s more important is that tens of millions of people are now coming back daily,” Zuckerberg said. “That’s way ahead of what we expected. The focus for the rest of the year is to improve the basics and retention.”

Referring to his firm’s other successful initiatives, including Instagram Stories and Reels, Zuckerberg concluded: “We’ve executed this play many times and I’m sure Threads is on the right track as well.”

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