Friday, September 29, 2023

Threads prepares to have a Twitter-style chronological feed

Threads is the internet sensation app. In fact, 100 million registered users in the first 5 days make it the fastest adopted social platform ever. Now, that success should not cloud Meta, as it is clear that Threads, in its current state, lacks many essential features that do not allow you to compete with Twitter. The clearest example is the feed chronological.

At the moment, he feed of Threads is a chaoss. It’s a mix of posts from people you follow and content recommended by the app itself—more of the latter, in fact. Also, they are not displayed based on when they were shared. In Meta, fortunately, they are aware of the current disadvantages and seek to reverse it as soon as possible.

through the threads official accountthe platform confirmed that they are focusing their attention on developing a series of functions that, once implemented, will substantially improve the user experience.

Firstly, they affirm that their objective is that the experience reading the feed of Threads is adjusted to the preferences of the users. It seems that the recommendations, for the moment, are not going to decrease in quantity, but they are will better suit your reading desires. “Later we will offer more personalized recommendations,” they mention.

In this sense, we intuit that they will rely, to a lesser or greater extent, on the Instagram recommendation algorithm. Let’s remember that this social network, both in the feed as in the search tab, you show photos and Reels from people we don’t follow, but whose posts might be of interest to us. It does not always work as we would like, yes.

On the other hand, they announced that are working on a feed chronological for Threads, which is probably the most requested feature. “And if you’ve been wondering about the feed chronological, we are working on it”, they comment. The bad news is that there is no tentative release date.

Finally, from Threads they promise that they will introduce improvements to make it easier to search and follow topics that really interest us. So, at this time the only way to “personalize” our experience is by following profiles that we like. Whom hypertextual We already told you how to avoid seeing content that does not interest you.

“For now, customize your feed by following more people on Threads. And don’t be shy, share the accounts you love! Who should we follow around here?”

It is increasingly evident that Meta was quick to launch Threads before I have it 100% ready. Surely those led by Mark Zuckerberg prioritized positioning their application well, taking advantage of the Twitter crisis, leaving the pertinent improvements for posterity.

Did the play come out? Yes, of course. That Threads has more than 100 million registered users in less than a week is no small feat. In addition, its community seems to be enjoying a social network that, despite the initial lack of functionality, does not convey the uncertainty of Twitter. The latter is still adrift because of the controversial decisions of Elon Musk, who would already be reversing some of them.

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