Thursday, September 21, 2023

Threads exceeds 100 million users in less than 5 days on the market

Meta’s new microblogging social network, Threadssurpassed 100 million users in less than 5 days on the market, according to data from Quiver Quantitative, which makes the competitor of Twitter on the fastest growing platform in history.

Goal (matrix of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger) launched its new social network in 100 countries -but none of the European Union- last Wednesday night.

On Friday, the executive director of Meta, mark zuckerbergannounced that the app had surpassed 70 million subscriptions, saying that this milestone: far exceeded their expectations.

Threads surpassed the record of ChatGPTas the OpenAI chatbot had reached the 100 million mark in 2 months.

One of the reasons for the rapid success of this application is its simple registration process through an Instagram account.

According to Sensor Tower data, Threads is currently the most downloaded free app in the US on both Apple App Store like in Google Play Store.

At first glance, Threads looks like a copy of Twitter where there are posts – photos, videos of up to 5 minutes and post texts of up to 500 characters – and you can interact with them in three ways: liking, reposting and commenting.

As in Twitter, it can be activated notifications to be alerted when a user posts, but you can’t create lists with users.

They can’t be used either. hashtag or tagsso there is no trending topics or trends.

However, one of the advantages of Threads – which does not yet have advertising– is that there will be no limit to the number of posts users can see in Threads, one of the key differentiators between the two apps after Musk last weekend announced (and later withdrew) limits on tweet reading to prevent “extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation”.

The actions of Goal they rose this morning before the opening of the New York stock market around 1%.

In November of last year, the owner of Twitter, Elon Musksaid its platform has almost 260 million daily active users and, according to the Wall Street Journal, the birdie platform has been telling advertisers that it has a monthly active user base of 535 million users.

Meta is working on a way to remove the Threads account “separately” from the Instagram account


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