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Those who miss out on getting an Oscar get a bag worth 1 crore, know what is inside it

No matter who gets the Oscar Award, no matter who goes home with that golden statue, but no one goes empty handed from this biggest event of the world. This is the biggest special thing about Oscar. Every year, a special gift is given to every person who gets a nomination at the Oscars. The cost of this gift bag is in crores. But do you know, what are the special things included in this bag, which makes it so expensive? Let us tell you.

gift of crores
Now this is also the biggest award in the world of entertainment, so obviously the gift will also be something special. This gift bag is given to every person who gets nominated in Oscars. This year its price has been estimated at $ 126,000, which is close to one crore. The organizers of the Oscars do not spend a single rupee for this gift bag, but the Oscars gift bag is distributed on its behalf by Distinctive Asset, a marketing company based in Los Angeles.

What’s in the gift bag?
There are more than 60 items in this bag, including a variety of beauty products and lifestyle gifts, luxury vacation packages. Also, there is a Canadian getaway kit worth $40,000 i.e. around 33 lakhs. Nominated people also get a chance to stay for 8 people in Queensland and Italian Light House in Australia through luxury vacation pass.

On the other hand, even if someone wants to renovate his house, he can get it done through Mason Construction for $25000 i.e. around Rs 21 lakh. The gift also includes several rejuvenating procedures, which are reportedly a part of the package. Lipo arm sculpting, hair restoration services and facelift are included in this. 50 percent of the items included in the gift come from women and minority companies. This year the gifts are delivered in Hawaiian suitcases.

Oscar winners get 1 crore gift bag along with trophy

Inside the gift bag are skincare products from Miage. A silk pillowcase from Blush Silks, a travel pillow from PETA, and products from Ariadne Athens Skin Wellness, All Better Company, Bored Rebel, Daily Energy Cards, Effi-Cal, Kind Reason Company, KnowingLabs, Maison Construction, NaturGeeks, Rareté Studios, ReFa , Proflexa, Oxygenetix, and The Millions-Billions-Trillions Brand, including products. The lowest range includes a pack of Clif Thins priced at $13.56 (Rupees one thousand one hundred and fourteen) and a loaf of Ginza Nishikawa’s Japanese Milk Bread at $18 (Rupees fourteen hundred and fourteen).

who gets the gift
This Oscar gift bag is given to the show’s host, best director, actress, actor, best supporting actor-actress. The people receiving the gift have every right to reject the gift. If reports are to be believed, last year actors Denzel Wassington and JK Simmons gave this gift to charity. At the same time, in 2006, George Clooney also got the gift auctioned, from which the amount received was donated. However, gifts are given free of cost to the nominees. But those who receive this gift have to pay an amount as tax to the government.


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