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This was Uncle Juan’s betrayal of Luis Rubiales: 20 private emails and conversations with Sergio Ramos

Juan Rubiales, who has now rushed out to finish burying his nephew, backfired. The uncle and former chief of staff of the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubialeswent to Justice to claim that his nephew had dismissed him unfairly on July 1, 2022. And not only did they not give him the reason, but the Social Court number 3 of Madrid He also considered proven the methods he used to betray Luisaccording to the ruling issued in June.

Messages with Sergio Ramos

The ruling considers it proven that Juan Rubiales extracted information from the RFEF, using his corporate email account to do so. Uncle Juan sent at least 20 emails between February and May 2022 to two email addresses, one of his property and [email protected]. It is unknown if behind the second of them is himself or a third party. There is also a shipment to [email protected], a business he went to, presumably, to print cross-mails with his nephew and with the managers Andreu Camps and Tomás González Cueto.

The judge considers it proven that Juan Rubiales sent those emails “with WhatsApp conversations with managers of the RFEF and with Sergio Ramos, credit card authorizations, composition of the ethics committee and content of various meetings among others”, as reflected in the sentence.

The list of the 20 emails, discovered by an internal RFEF investigation, also included “a thread of internal emails from RFEF personnel”, a “photograph of the president of the RFEF accompanied by a person from outside the RFEF” and “a WhatsApp conversation referred to the president of the RFEF”, among other documents.

The audios of Rubiales

The dates on which Juan Rubiales extracted information from the RFEF are prior to and simultaneous to the publication in ‘El Confidencial’ of those known as the audios of Rubialesin which private conversations of the RFEF president with different personalities were collected.

Among them, Ramos himself and also Gerard Piqué, on account of the efforts that allowed to take the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, operation for which Kosmos, the company of the former Barça center-back, received a commission paid by the Saudi dictatorship.

Juan Rubiales earned 125,000 euros per year

In fact, the ruling points to a direct correlation between a publication in ‘El Mundo’ about the RFEF’s ethics commission, which occurred four days after Juan Rubiales sent said information to the email account [email protected].

The sentence also reveals that the annual salary of Juan Rubiales in the RFEF amounted to 125,000 euros gross per year and that he received compensation of 6,394.73 euros for his dismissal, when he was the director of the RFEF Museum. That was the position to which he was relegated on December 10, 2020, when he lost the trust of his nephew Luis to continue serving as chief of staff, a job he had been performing since June 5, 2018.

For all these reasons, the judge considers it proven that the conduct of Juan Rubiales “supposes a loss of trust, a breach of trust and a breach of professional confidentiality”, which justify the dismissal from the former chief of staff of the RFEF, executed on July 1, 2022, when he was on medical leave, a circumstance in the eyes of the judge that does not affect the origin of the dismissal. against the sentence, however, there is a right to appeal before the Superior Court of Justice.


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