Sunday, December 10, 2023

This was the call of Santiago Peña to the Paraguayans after proclaiming himself the winner in the presidential elections

The candidate of the ruling Colorado Party, santiago penawas proclaimed the winner of the presidential elections held this Sunday in Paraguay, on a day in which the ruling party also won a majority in the Senate and prevailed in at least fifteen of the seventeen disputed governorates, according to the official provisional count.

“I summon the unit and to the consensus to reach our destination of collective well-being and prosperity without exclusions. The time has come to put off our differences, to prioritize the common causes that unite us as a nation,” said an emotional Peña in a speech before dozens of supporters of his party in Asunción.

Flanked by the dome of the Colorado party-National Republican Association (ANR), Peña dedicated part of his speech to the leader of the ruling party and his political mentor, the former president Horace Cartes (2013-2018), without immediately anticipating the actions that will be taken when the Executive takes office next August.

“Thank you, my dear Colorado Party, we are going to honor you until the last second of our management“, affirmed the future president, who also praised the hundreds of thousands of Paraguayans who “trusted this project conciliator and patriotic.”

“From tomorrow we will begin to design the Paraguayan that we want everything without gross inequalities or unfair social asymmetries”, added this economist.

He anticipated that the task to be done “is not for a single person or only for a game“after” the last years of stagnation economy, fiscal deficit, with a worrying unemployment rate and the increase in extreme poverty”.

Peña will take the witness to the current president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitezalso from the Colorado Party, and who was preceded in office by Cartes.

With Peña’s victory, the Coloradism is heading to consolidate its hegemony in power, after seven decades.

Some 4.8 million Paraguayans They were summoned this Sunday to the polls for general elections in which deputies and councilors were also elected, and in which the country decided between the consolidation of continuity with the Colorado Party or the political alternation.


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