Thursday, June 1, 2023

This was the bet of Enrique Alfaro and Samuel García for the final Chivas vs. tigers

Prior to the grand final of the Liga MX, the governors of Jalisco and Nuevo León agreed to a commitment to benefit young people with cancer in their states.

Before the media, Samuel García and Enrique Alfaro agreed that the loser will give tablets to young people with cancer so that they can continue studying.

“Nuevo and Jalisco are the states in our country that have the universal cancer coverage program for children and adolescents, so we will bet tablets for young people so that they can continue studying while they follow their treatment. There will be at least 60 tablets,” said Mariano Rodríguez

“We have enormous respect for Tigres and it will be a great game,” said Enrique Alfaro. While Samuel García assured that it is a rematch, after what happened in 2017.

At this meeting, at the Nuevo León University stadium, both governors presented themselves with the jersey of the team that represents their state.

Chivas and Tigres face each other in the grand final of Mexican soccer, recalling what was experienced in the Clausura 2017, where the Herd took the 4-3 global victory.


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