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This is the PS5 Slim inside: surprises compared to the previous model

The PS5 Slim (although it is not officially called that) will arrive in stores in some countries on November 10 (coinciding with the launch of Call of Duty, as it is offered in a pack) and later in others, including Spain. Although the new console does not represent any leap in terms of power or functionality, it does reduce its size by 30% and becomes modular.

This implies that Sony has had to rethink some of the internal console mechanics to fit the same thing into a smaller space. Until now, we did not know what exactly had changed on the console, but thanks to the first “teardown” of the PS5 Slim, we already know that Sony has completely changed the interior of the console, and this has some consequences.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the PS5 Slim is modular, that is, it allows you to insert and remove the Blu-ray reader in a simple way without the need for screws, and that its covers have been divided into 4, instead of the current two huge side plates. This means that the layout and size of the ventilation grilles have changed, and also the internal cooling systems.

This is what the PS5 Slim looks like inside

Sony has reduced the size and arrangement of the heatsinks, which directly affects the heat emitted by the console in operation. Although these are preliminary tests, in the video above you can see that the console emits more heat. In this sense, from the average 60 to 63º of the standard PS5, we went from 62 to 64 degrees in the PS5 Slim. It is not a major jump, but it is a change to take into account: smaller, hotter.

There are also relevant changes in consumption. The PS5 Slim cIt consumes a little more at rest 3.91 W compared to the standard 3.32 W (nothing really notable), but less in operation: we went from 53.01 W of the standard PS5 to 51.16 W of consumption in the Slim with the console in the menus (without running any game). The surprise in consumption comes from playing a game: it remains identical between both models, about 225 W for the standard model compared to 224.26 W in the Slim model.

Be that as it may, the changes are what they are and what we are going to stick with: the PS5 Slim is not a new console for the catalog, but rather the replacement of the current model. Once the stock of the large console is exhausted, the Slim will be the only one available.

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