Thursday, September 21, 2023

This is the platform most used by the youngest Ecuadorians and it is not WhatsApp

On the planet, there are approximately 25 platforms of which the most used are: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat and Telegram.

However, in Ecuador four have managed to position themselves: WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Each one of them has its own particular characteristics and its frequency of use is made depending on the objective to be achieved: in some the video prevails, in others the image and there are specific ones in which the text is the protagonist.

What social networks or platforms do young Ecuadorians use the most?

According to Kantar IBOPE Media, Meta is the leader with its platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, followed by YouTube created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, former PayPal employees.

But who uses which social network? To understand it from Ecuador, this audience researcher determined four profiles of Ecuadorians with different characteristics:

1. The traditional ones: It is a profile over 45 years old, mostly men who use the networks ‘moderately’, one of its characteristics is that they do not review or use social networks to search for information. In this group, 78% prefer WhatsApp, 59% Facebook and 34% YouTube.

2. The spectators: they are characterized by having a medium academic profile, they are more active on social networks, they are not influenced by advertising and they prefer to listen to podcasts than music. Here, 82% are on WhatsApp, 74% Facebook and 53% Youtube.

4. The totally connected: they are younger than the other two previous profiles, use the Internet for multiple purposes, are concerned about the security of their personal information online. Here, 95% use Facebook, 81% Youtube, 60% Instagram

The geeks: they are early adopters of new technologies, are heavily influenced by advertising, enjoy video on demand and online video.


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