Friday, September 22, 2023

This is the message that could block your WhatsApp if you receive it

Users of the instant messaging application, WhatsApp, have reported that there is a text command that, when received and opened, could block your account. As different pages have indicated, the message would be “” and, when you open WhatsApp from your phone, it stops working automatically.

This is an error that only affects the version of WhatsApp for Androidsince neither the web version nor the iOS version have this flaw.

This text is known as a “bomb message” or bug and occurs when a hacker or cybercriminal manages to obstruct access to a specific service by the real user of the cell phone and mobile application.

And although this malicious message initially circulated among WhatsApp groups, it is now known that it has already reached individual accounts, so anyone who uses it could be a victim of this flaw.

What should be done when receiving this bomb message?

So far two mechanisms are known that can help to solve this problem. The first is to access the account WhatsApp through WhatsApp Web, through a browser on the computer. From there, users can delete the problematic message and prevent the app from crashing.

The second alternative involves deleting the entire conversation in which the message in question was received. This solution is applicable to both personal chats and conversation groups, however it implies that the person will lose all messages sent and received in said chat.

It is essential to remind users affected by this bug to keep the app up to date. WhatsApp developers are working to fix this issue and release an update to fix the flaw as soon as possible. In the meantime, following the options mentioned above will help mitigate the negative effects of this glitch.


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