Tuesday, September 26, 2023

This is the main reason why you have to put your phone in airplane mode when traveling through the air.

Automatically when a new cell phone is purchased, among its features, the airplane mode can be seen in the adjustment menu, which is requested to be activated by the flight attendants prior to the takeoff and landing of any type of commercial flight.

The big problem is that in most cases it is ignored and in part it is due to ignorance of its function, however, it is important to comply with said request and understand what is the main reason for carrying it out.

Importance of airplane mode

It is inevitable that when traveling by air, mobile data is automatically lost and the telephone line and other services cannot be used, although at least it is still possible to read documents, listen to music, view photos, play games, watch series or downloaded movies .

There are many assumptions about why it is important to activate the airplane mode while traveling through the air, for example, that it is the cause of burning the internal board of the phone, however, the main reason that led to the generation of this slogan is based on the idea that the phone’s emissions could cause interference. The communication between the tower and the cabin is done through radio frequency, a much older technology than the one that allows you to make calls via mobile or connect to the internet.

The digital technology currently in use is far more advanced than some of the older analogue technologies we used even 60 years ago and personal electronic devices can emit a signal within the same frequency band as aircraft navigation and communications systems. , creating what is known as electromagnetic interference.

The prevention is limited to the key legs of the air journey (landing and takeoff), a situation that could endanger the entire aircraft since it is the moment when the landing coordinates are imparted. So far there have been no air accidents for this cause, but they can interfere with telecommunications systems, causing unpleasant noises for pilots of up to eight watts.


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