Friday, March 24, 2023

This is the classification of LaLiga after matchday 25

The Barca maintains distance from Real Madrid by adding 65 points which are vital if he wants to continue on the right path and win the cup in a year troubled by the ‘Negreira case’. Real Madrid faced their match against Espanyol reserving themselves for the Champions League match against Liverpool and even with all of Ancelotti’s men they managed three goals that leave good feelings ahead of the Champions League, their premier category. Atlético seeks to consolidate its podium in the impregnable Montilivi. Simeone’s men will try to consolidate in third place against a Girona that wants to keep relegation away.

The Real, with a victory in the last seven league games, neglected the Champions League zone, although their pursuers did not take advantage of it afterwards. Those of Imanol Alguacil, who came in addition to the setback (2-0) in the Europa League against Roma this week, andThey showed the lack of confidence of their streak by forgiving a Mallorca that ended up pressing. Betis (42) and Villarreal (38) failed to get closer to that prestigious ‘Top 4’ in a match that gained intensity and chances as the minutes passed at La Cerámica. The first half went by without chances until Rodri tried his luck from afar and Reina failed to try to save the ball, which was loose for an attentive Borja Iglesias to make it 0-1.

  1. Barcelona (65)
  2. Real Madrid (56)
  3. Atletico Madrid (45)
  4. Royal Society (45)
  5. Real Betis (42)
  6. Villarreal (38)
  7. Vallecano Lightning (35)
  8. Osasuna (34)
  9. Athletic (33)
  10. Majorca (32)
  11. Celtic of Vigo (31)
  12. Girona (30)
  13. Seville (28)
  14. Valladolid (28)
  15. Spanish (28)
  16. Cadiz (27)
  17. Valencia CF (26)
  18. Getafe (26)
  19. Almeria (25)
  20. Elche (13)


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