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This is the auction cost of a watch belonging to the last emperor of China

an exceptional clock bracelet that belonged to the last emperor of the qing dynastyAisin-Gioro Puyi, will go up for auction in Hong Kong on May 23 with an estimated value of 25 million Hong Kong dollars (€2.9 million euros, US$3 million) due to its rarity and provenance.

He Patek Imperialas it is known, is a Patek Philippe Reference 96 Quantieme Lune that once belonged to the last ruler of the Qing dynasty.

In addition to his historical valuethe watch is extremely rare, as only seven similar pieces are known, according to the Phillips auction house.

the piece of platinum2.5 centimeters in diameter, presents a dial with Arabic numerals, rose gold hands and a function of “moon phase” which shows the visibility of the Moon from Earth at a precise moment.

part of his mechanism internal data from 1929, although the Swiss brand did not market the model until 1937.

This cultural treasure is accompanied by other objects that belonged to the emperorlike a paper fan with inscription, a handwritten notebooka watercolor and a leather-bound copy of the Anacletas de Confucius.

Although it is unknown how Puyi obtained the clock, it is known that it was sold in Paris in a luxury store. According to files Historically, the former emperor took him to a Soviet prison camp in Khabarovsk.

Later he gave it to George Permyakov, a Mandarin expert who served as his Russian tutor and translator during his period of imprisonment following the Japanese occupation of Manchuria after World War II.

The story of puyiwhich served as the basis for the Oscar-winning film “The Last Emperor” by Bernardo Bertolucci, dates back to 1908, when he ascended the throne at just two years old.

Less than four years later he was forced to abdicate when a republican revolt overthrew the Qing dynasty, although he was able to continue to reside in the Imperial Palace from Peking.

Japan later installed him as emperor of the puppet state of Manchukuo, in the Manchuria region of northeast China. After Japan’s defeat, he was captured and held as a prisoner of war.

According to the Phillips auction house, Puyi gave the watch to Permyakov in 1950, shortly before he returned to China as a prisoner to stand trial for war crimes.


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