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This is how the box office result of the horror comedy has been, will Varun’s wolf be able to do wonders?

Many different types of films are being made in Bollywood for years. But the relationship between the audience and the film industry with horror comedy films has been very special. It is said that it is very difficult to make someone laugh. At the same time, it is very easy to scare someone. Now think what if you have to do both the things together? This is the reason why every time horror comedy films are not able to show amazing at the box office. But it is said that ‘If there is love, there is risk’.

Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon are going to appear on the big screen soon with their film Bhediya. The story of this film is on a boy who becomes a werewolf and eats humans. The trailer of the film was well liked. But the question that is in everyone’s mind is that will the audience like this film? And will it be able to earn well at the box office? Meanwhile, we are telling what has happened at the box office of the horror comedy films that have come in the last few years.


Horror comedy films are being made in Bollywood for a long time. Who can forget the 2007 Bhool Bhulaiyaa? But in the last few years, due to any film, there has been an increase in films of this flavor, then it is Stree. Rajkumar Rao R Shraddha Kapoor acted in the film Stree. This film came in 2018 and it did wonders. There will be such an audience who has not seen a woman. Made in a small budget of 14 crores, this film earned around 180 crores. If the woman had not been there, perhaps there would not have been a wolf today.

Golmaal Again

The Golmaal franchise has been a fan favorite since its inception. Giving a twist to this film, director Rohit Shetty tried his hand at horror comedy with Golmaal 4 i.e. Golmaal Again. In this film, Parineeti Chopra became a ghost, who lives with Ajay Devgan and his paltan and then makes their condition worse. The film created a buzz as soon as it was released. The film, which came in 2017, collected around Rs 145 crore at the box office.


After Stree became a hit, producer Dinesh Vijan decided to make three horror comedy films. The second film in this episode was Roohi. Jahnavi Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao were seen together in this. Apart from this, ‘Fukrey’ Varun Sharma also worked. Ruhi, released in 2021, did not do anything special at the box office. With a budget of 20 crores, this film had earned only about 30 crores. It also got very mixed reactions.

Maze 2

There was hardly anyone sure about Karthik Aryan’s appearance in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. But when the film was released in the theatre, it did wonders. Karthik Aryan ended the drought of Bollywood and gave the first superhit Hindi film to Bollywood after the Corona era. This film, which came in 2022, had a collection of about 183 crores at the box office.

phone ghost

Phone Bhoot is proof that not every horror comedy film is a hit. Nor does the audience enjoy watching them. This film was released this month. No one knew when she came and when she left. Phone Bhoot had collected only Rs 5 crore in its first week.

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