Thursday, June 1, 2023

This is how the blue and white fans received the Málaga CF bus before playing against Cartagena

The Málaga CF fans have done it again. As if it weren’t customary for this public to rise to the occasion every day and despite everything to try to raise their team. Almost a thousand fans gathered this Sunday in the outskirts of La Rosaleda to receive the blue and white players and propel them towards victory against Cartagena.

It had to be the day. From minutes before 4:30 p.m., when the club and the Animation Stand had summoned the fans, the area of ​​the Tribune through which the bus was going to pass was already absolutely packed. Anyone who did not know anything about the context of the Martiricos team might think that the team was risking promotion. Even some of those present could have remembered a night of the Champions League.

If the Málaga CF squad has been recognized for anything in LaLiga SmartBank 2022/2023, it is because of the experience. Rubén Castro, Esteban Burgos, Manolo Reina, Lago Junior… many of them have played for a large part of their careers in the First Division and in the biggest stadiums in Spain. However, they would have few words to describe everything they saw from the windows when they arrived at Martiricos. A hobby absolutely delivered “by the shield” to a bus that took long, long minutes to enter La Rosaleda.

That was like a wave of hope. This is how the crowd who gathered there in their blue and white shirts saw it, waving their scarves and shouting as if their throats were going to score the first goal against Efesé. In other words, anyone would say that this team has spent practically the entire season in the relegation zone and that it continues to have more than 15,000 fans. who, without looking at the classification, cover kilometers every weekend to support their Málaga CF.

So what he experienced this afternoon in the run-up to the match against Cartagena was speechless. A reception from the First Division for a team that clings to any thread of hope to remain in the Second. What happened this Sunday is history. Hopefully the players and coaching staff know how to live up to the end of the season to save this historic club.


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