Sunday, December 10, 2023

This is how surprising the Reality Pro will be, Apple’s mixed reality glasses

Although Apple delayed the launch of its augmented reality glasses, the mixed reality ones would be presented at some point this year. In fact, Mark Gurman, a journalist for Bloomberg and the most reliable source as far as future apple products are concerned, contributed new details of the nearest device, whose name would be Apple Reality Pro.

Inside the device, there will be cameras that will enable eye tracking. Users could even control various interface components just by moving their eyes.. For example, pressing buttons or selecting a certain element within a list.

As for the exterior cameras, these would be capable of analyze hand movement to involve them, like the eyes, in the control of the interface. According to Gurman, Apple Reality Pro can identify when the user joins the thumb with the index finger to activate a certain action. Be careful, it would not be necessary to carry a secondary device in your hands.

The objective of those from Cupertino, clearly, is dispense with a physical command. We have already seen this commitment before in a product that will be a competitor to the Reality Pro: the Microsoft HoloLens. Just like Apple intends, they are committed to constantly tracking hands to identify entry actions. The opposite occurs with the Meta Quest Pro, Meta’s most recent offering, as it requires a controller to navigate through the interface.

The Apple Reality Pro will be a mixed reality device. In other words, it allows you to interact in a virtual world through its internal panels (virtual reality), but also with a real world enriched by digital elements (augmented reality). To achieve the second experience, the device will record what happens outside with its cameras, and transmit it in real time to the screens.


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