Monday, January 30, 2023

This is how Málaga CF played in their draw against Burgos

Despite the draw, the Málaga CF match left some good news. He caused a great sensation in the second half against Eibar and confirmed in his first match at La Rosaleda that he is coming to save the team. Lago Junior made his debut before his new fans with a goal, butor the blue and white ‘7’ is much more than a winger with the ability to convert his chances. He sacrifices himself in defense as just another defender, he is the one who leads the offense, the one who runs the most, the one who squeezes the most… In just over a week, the team has already made a profit from its latest winter signing, even more than to some (or some) of those who arrived in summer. Just not enough. He will not be able to do everything, but he does give some thread of hope to believe in salvation.

the best of the party

Junior Lake. Scorer (8)

He made his debut at La Rosaleda and scored the only goal for Málaga CF. In addition, he defended, sweated the shirt like few others and gave everything until he was changed.

Ruben Yanez. contemplative (6)

He could not do anything in the goal because Bermejo sent it to the far post. He was safe in the high starts and provided peace of mind.

Julian Delmas. misplaced (3)

He made his debut as a starter and took more from the team than he gave it. He was slow on the retreat, erratic on the crosses and was a hole behind.

Juande. correct (5)

He was able to score a goal in the last few minutes to win. Despite his good game in defense, he didn’t get to Bermejo’s ball and he was in the photo.

Stephen Burgos. Discreet (5)

It was better than in the last games. The team needs him in the version he promised to be and we can’t wait for him any longer.

Javi Jimenez. Fallon (2)

It is not the first time that Málaga CF has conceded a goal due to their mistake… nor will it be the last. The problem is that no one competes for the position.

Alfred N’Diaye. Improved (5)

He is not the midfielder of before, but he was not the one from Ipurúa either. He gave the team air, had big cuts and continues to make improper mistakes.

Alex Febas. Wizard (8)

The ilerdense made one of the best games of the season. Resolute, effective, undetectable… nobody stopped him. Just the faults. Unreachable.

Pablo Chavarria. compliant (6)

He did his job. He had some good actions and looked to connect with a dangling ball. Pepe Mel trusts his work and the Argentine responds.

Fran Villalba. Online (7)

This Fran Villalba is worth it. The freedom in the three-quarter zone makes it respond and offers all the quality it has. It goes more and more.

Ruben Castro. lost (4)

He suffered a lot from the height of the Burgos centrals. He fell to the wing, tried to finish off a cross, but they didn’t find him and it wasn’t his day.

from the bench

Alex Gallar (5): He was the substitute for Villalba and was not up to his standards. He drives too much and abuses the ball.

Luis Munoz (4): It slowed down everything it touched. The captain is out of what a player like him has to give him.

Appiah (5): He lacked facing, he was not successful.

Fran Sol (5): Tried, but found nothing.

Lawrence (5): Not too much came into play.

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