Monday, December 11, 2023

This is how Málaga CF played against Castellón

Genaro revealed himself in an unusual facet for him. He scored the goal for Málaga CF after grabbing the rebound from a penalty missed by Dioni. He also did a good job in what is asked of him, in containment and in the battle in midfield. He wore the bracelet. It must be important this season.

Alfonso Herrero (6)

It was good in general. He is sorry for that goal that slipped under his legs in the final stretch. He received a hard blow that kept him on the ground for several minutes. He had complications with some aerial ball.

Jokin Gabilondo (5)

Too flat. His debut in an official match did not live up to expectations. He lavished less in attack than the team needs. He is strong in defensive tasks, but little in the offensive phase.

Juande (3)

The level of the central couple is worrying. The weakest of the team. They suffered from the beginning. Juande was very soft, portrayed in the rival’s first goal. Bad feelings behind.

Einar Galilee (3)

More of the same. Noted for the second goal. It is early to draw definitive conclusions, but the center of the blue and white defense must wake up or Málaga will have serious problems. His acting is very poor.

Victor Garcia (5)

It only lasted 45 minutes on the pitch. Pellicer opted to leave him on the bench after the break after being booked in the first half. He was correct, without great fanfare or blunders.

Juanpe (5)

Injured. He had to retire late in the first half. Until then, a discreet game at times when the team suffered the most. He did not stand out for better or for worse. Let it be nothing.

Luca Sangalli (6)

From less to more. Growing along with the team. He had a hard time finding the ball to create play in the first half. He had a good chance to score. He must also go further to be one of the leaders.

John Hernandez (5)

He had a lot of presence in attack, he tried to show himself in every way. He caused the penalty by hand that ultimately was the tie for the team. In the second half he faded until he was replaced.

Roberto Fernandez (6)

Worker, he left everything until the last breath of the game. Very generous in pressing and with a lot of mobility in unchecking him. He missed the goal award. He marked it in discount, but he was offside.

Diony (5)

His missed penalty had no consequences because Genaro caught the rebound and scored. He was willing and eager to participate, but he was not successful. He looked very tired in the second half.

Daniel Lawrence (5)

He entered the game on the verge of halftime. He was about to make it 1-2 with a powerful shot that Gonzalo deflected.

Murillo (5)

Correct. He came on at halftime for Víctor García on the left side. On the team line.

Nelson Monte (5)

He improved upon the titular theorists. Second very neat part of the Portuguese. He aims to enter the eleven sooner rather than later.

Kevin (5)

Active, too individualistic on occasion of danger. Bold and vertical. He was close to scoring.

Larblonde (6)

He brought out his quality. Little by little they will be entering the team. Brave.


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