Thursday, March 23, 2023

This is GrammarlyGO, the AI ​​that promises to change the way we write

Grammarlythe famous writing assistant, advertisement today the launch of a new generative artificial intelligence function with which it promises to transform the way we write until now. Is called GrammarlyGO and uses the ChatGPT AI model. The great novelty is that the tool will take context elements into account, such as the writing style and the way of communication of each user, to offer more relevant writing and editing suggestions.

Users will be able to redact documents from scratch automatically or edit the clarity and length of any text. The AI ​​of GrammarlyGO it also has the ability to interpret the purpose of an email, come up with an instant response based on previous emails, and even come up with a specific pitch. Grammarly highlights that what sets it apart from other generative AI solutions is in this “unique possibility” to offer a personalized and high-quality experience.

GrammarlyGO AI ringtone demo
Demo of choosing the tone for writing with GrammarlyGO.

“With GrammarlyGO, we will change the way people and companies communicate and do their work”, explains Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, global director of products, in a statement. The company ensures that with this change they manage to transcend their work as editors, to now help users “throughout the entire communication life cycle”, including conception and composition.

How will GrammarlyGO, the new generative AI tool, work?

The company explained that the functions of the generative AI of GrammarlyGO they’ll be avalaible starting in April in a beta testing phase. Grammarly’s 30 million users will be able to access it through its browser extension and 500,000 websites, desktop and mobile apps. For example, users will be able to use it in Slack, LinkedIn, Gmail or Google Docs.

Demo AI GrammarlyGO on GMAILDemo AI GrammarlyGO on GMAIL
Demo of the use of GrammarlyGO in Gmail.

the icon of GrammarlyGO it will appear next to text where people are using Grammarly. They will be able to interact with its features simply by clicking on it, the Grammarly development team explained to TechHQ. There is also the option to enable or disable access to GrammarlyGO from settings.

Grammarly started in 2009 with the launch of a subscription tool, to help students correct their spelling and grammar. Now it is offered as a creative remedy to break the “blank sheet” syndrome.

The company explained that the AI ​​of GrammarlyGO has ability to provide schematics to build into a complete article. The tool will also generate prompts as the user types to make the writing exercise more fluid.

Grammarly thus rides the whole wave of generative AI that unleashed the launch of ChatGPT at the end of last year. Perhaps one of the most notable moves was Microsoft, which incorporated the technology created by OpenIA into Bing, its search engine. This allowed it to surpass 100 million active users in one day for the first time.

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