Saturday, September 30, 2023

This could be the name of the operating system of Apple’s glasses

Apple’s long-rumored virtual reality goggles seem to be a little closer to reality. A report by Mark Gurman indicates that the Cupertino company is working on two devices to exploit this niche market. The first of them would arrive as early as 2022 and would be used to play games, watch videos and interact with other people. Of course, everything indicates that its price could be quite high.

This could be the name of the operating system of Apple's glasses

According to Bloomberg, the development team for Apple’s virtual reality glasses, dubbed the N301, is facing numerous challenges. One of them is to reduce weight and maintain a consistent design line. For this, they would be evaluated using a fabric exterior. The other has to do with the size of the device. The company would have chosen to include a fan in the initial prototype, something that would be quite strange to see in the products that reach the stores.

Apple’s virtual reality headset prototype bears resemblance to the Oculus Quest 2 . It has a battery that allows it to function as a stand-alone device. It also includes external cameras to capture the environment. These could be very useful for developers to exploit with different applications. However, those from Cupertino would be working on an integrated function that allows the user to enter texts on the air.

But Apple’s virtual reality glasses would not be the only product to come. The company would also be working on augmented reality glasses. These are known internally under the name N421. Their design would be so discreet that they could be passed off as traditional glasses. However, the project would be in an early stage of development, so they could only arrive in 2023.

Apple virtual reality glasses will be a product of few

If this project becomes a reality, Apple would be breaking with its traditional way of introducing products to the market. The company usually takes existing concepts to improve them and offers a unique experience that sweeps sales. This time, however, it would be looking to focus on a very niche market. Gurman indicates that they expect to sell an augmented or virtual reality device per day in their physical stores.


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