Sunday, December 10, 2023

This artificial intelligence imagines you going out and having fun with your friends

If you can’t meet your friends, but you want to continue uploading photos to your Instagram with them, this artificial intelligence has found the answer. Under the name of Hotshot, this service allows you to paste your face and that of your friends on bodies with different poses and gestures. In a matter of minutes you’ll have a nice portrait of you and another person, both smiling in a restaurant or anywhere else.

“Imagine if Midjourney knew what your friends looked like… Introducing Hotshot! Take pictures with ANYONE ON YOUR CONTACT LIST doing ANYTHING“, comment on Twitter Aakash Sastry, co-founder of the app.

Along with the presentation of this curious artificial intelligence, he has published photos where he appears together with the other co-founder of Hotshot. Both eating what appears to be salad in a fancy looking restaurant. Of course, do not expect a masterpiece. Despite comparing it to AIs like Midjourney, the artificiality of the result is obvious..

Nevertheless, the latter seems to have an apparent reason: the budget. Sastry says in a series of tweets that most of the AI ​​development has gone into keeping the process of generating images fast, as well as free for users and cheap for the business. Of course, more detailed results would entail longer costs and times.

for now, Hotshot is only available on for iPhone devices. In addition, according to Sastry, it is totally free. The only thing you will have to pay for are the anime styles offered by artificial intelligence. Beyond this, you can explore it in all its capacities.

Entertainment and data privacy in the age of artificial intelligence

Of course, the intention behind this new artificial intelligence is not that you stop seeing your friends, but have fun with them. In fact, it is not the first tool of this style. A few months ago the internet echoed a similar AI that allowed you to create illustrated images of yourself.

Of course, despite how striking they may be, remember that these artificial intelligences feed on the information you provide. And not only of this, but also of the personal data of each user, which is known as a Digital Footprint. For this reason, you should be aware of what you share with this type of website and service.

According to the creators of Hotshot, all information uploaded to your artificial intelligence will be deleted 24 hours later to have been uploaded. In addition, they ensure that they will not share any type of data with third-party companies.

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