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This actor of Bahubali cannot see with one eye, how did it happen?

Some 7 years ago, South’s superstar Rana Daggubati revealed that he is partially blind. Media and fans had given a lot of attention to this thing of the actor. Various things were made. Some supported him. Rana Daggubati had told that in his childhood he had undergone a corneal transplant (removing the damaged cornea and replacing the cornea donated by the person in the eye). And even today he cannot see with his right eye. Now recently, Rana Daggubati told why he had made the world aware of his secret.

Rana disclosed
In a conversation with The Bombay Journey, Rana said, “I think I am probably one of the very few people who have spoken openly about corneal transplant. At one of the events I attended, a child told me that his mother I have lost one of my eyes. He was very sad. I explained to him and then told my struggle story. Said that there is a time for everything. I told him that I also cannot see with my right eye. I also had surgery. It happened, but it didn’t help me.”

Rana has faced many health related problems since childhood. The actor had a kidney transplant a few years ago. Talking on this, the actor said that many people break down whenever they have any physical problem. Even if he gets well, people keep many things hidden in their heart about him. He is not able to talk openly about his illness in the way that he should. I had a corneal transplant, then a kidney transplant, and look, I consider myself a terminator (jokingly). Look, I am surviving and living life.

Talking about Rana’s professional life, the actor worked hard to get into the character of ‘Bhallal Dev’ in ‘Bahubali’. The actor’s body transformation was quite shocking. Rana had increased weight and muscle for the role. Sweated profusely in the gym. This transformation was quite challenging for Rana. And then at the same time Rana had lost a lot of weight for his next film. Which is really not everyone’s cup of tea.


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