Thursday, March 30, 2023

They throw tickets and shout ‘a Segunda’ at Barça in San Mamés for the ‘Negreira case’

In an action promoted during the week on social networks by ‘Iñigo Cabacas Herri Harmaila’, a group of fans that is located in the entertainment stands, half an hour into the game the leaflets in the form of bills in the air in that area of ​​the North stand.

“The Negreira Case is only the tip of the iceberg. In the 30th minute of the match boat, show them your anger! Download, print and call them by name. Mafia!” Said the call for the group of supporters with the image of those blue and scarlet bills, the Barcelona shield, the dollar symbol and the word ‘mafia’.

Subsequently, and supported from various stands of the stadiumthe cries of ‘a Segunda’ and ‘que cante Negreira’ dedicated to the Barça team were intoned on several occasions.


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